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Nail and scale your sales process

Want to build a world-class sales team? These sales influencers will provide insights to help you perfect your processes, teach sales reps how to start meaningful conversations with customers, and get buy-in from sales leadership to maximize your sales enablement efforts.

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“The Flywheel Effect: 5 Building Blocks to Get Coaching Right”
Rob Jeppsen, CEO & Founder of Xvoyant

When sales leadership learns how to coach effectively, sales orgs have seen production increase by 30%, retention increase by 20%, and win rates increase by 25%. Rob reviews the building blocks of coaching so you can enable your sales leaders, not just your reps.

“Sales as a Science”
Jacco vanderKooij, Founder of Winning by Design

Take a look at sales from a different perspective—as a science with processes, methodologies, and elements that can be repeated for success. Jacco discusses how visualizing processes and customer engagement can make your sales org stronger and help you identify key areas for improvement.

“The Business Case for Sales Enablement”
Jim Dickie, Co-founder & Independent Research Director of CSO Insights

The number of companies that have implemented a sales enablement discipline has grown from 19% in 2013 to 56% in 2017. Jim explores data from the CSO Insights Sales Enablement Optimization Report and gives five critical factors that will maximize the success of your sales enablement efforts.

“How to Drive Sales Growth in 2018”
Alice Heiman, Founder & Chief Sales Officer at Alice Heiman, LLC

If you feel stuck as your organization tries to drive sales growth, you may be looking at the wrong place for answers. Dramatic growth requires change—and that change starts with you. Learn how you, as a sales leader, might be preventing sales and how you can change your mindset to drive growth.

“What 12 Years in Sales Enablement Has Taught Me”
Sheevaun Thatcher, Head of Global Sales Enablement at RingCentral

Drawing on her years of experience, Sheevaun explains the ins and outs of sales enablement. Tune in to learn why it’s critical to have a sales enablement charter, how sales enablement is a business within a business, and how to get buy-in from stakeholders.

“Roadmap to Having a Great Conversation”
Collin Stewart, CEO at Predictable Revenue

Every deal closed starts with a great conversation. This session will teach you how to connect both personally and professionally, why it’s essential to determine the company’s goals, how and when to propose next steps, and what common mistakes to avoid.

“Sales Development Chat”
Trish Bertuzzi, CEO of The Bridge Group, Inc. & Author of “The Sales Development Playbook”

Gabe Villamizar from Lucidchart sits down with Trish to discuss all your burning questions about managing the sales org. Learn whether you should go with inbound or outbound sales, what metrics and tools you should use, and how you can align sales and marketing, among other bits of sales advice.

“Creating Meaningful Sales Conversations with Interactive Content”
Darrell Swain, Founder of Tiled

You're not in the classroom anymore, so why are you still using the same presentation tools and static, boring content? See how interactive, visual content can better engage your prospects.

“The Truth About Open- and Closed-Ended Questions in Sales”
Richard Harris, Owner & CEO of The Harris Consulting Group

Richard outlines the seven most popular open-ended questions you should use, instructs on how to properly strategize open- and closed-ended questions in your sales qualification and discovery process, and shares other tips you can learn today and use tomorrow.

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