Visualize Summit for Sales Leadership


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Master and manage the sales pipeline

Losing sleep over your forecast or looking for new ways to help reps establish a vision for themselves in their careers? Either way, you’ll get answers and insights from the experts, plus strategies for shortening the sales cycle and demonstrating value to customers in a data-driven world.

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“Latest Insights on B2B Sales, Social Selling, and Sales Enablement Tools”
Mary Shea, PhD, Principal Analyst at Forrester

With the groundbreaking changes in the buyer/seller dynamic in the last few years, it’s crucial that sales leaders prepare sellers to engage and interact with buyers in any kind of experience they may encounter them. Find out what tools and strategies you can use to get your people ready.

“Digital Sales Transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution”
Matt Evans, Senior Director of Digital Strategy at Salesforce

How do you get to the future first, ahead of your customers? Learn the new digital sales strategies your team needs to excel in this highly competitive age, and learn how to foster a high-performing sales culture to navigate the realities of digital sales transformation.

“The New Digital Age of Selling”
Bob Perkins, Founder 
and Chairman at AAISP
Mario M. Martinez Jr., Founder 
and CEO at Vengreso

Savvy sales reps must adopt new ways to communicate, market, and sell. Bob and Mario suggest ideas and tools for optimizing your digital selling journey as you learn how to meet and support buyers on their own terms.

“3 Ways to Maximize Sales Rep's Success From Day One”
Jill Konrath, 4x Bestselling Sales Author
Rob Jeppsen, CEO at Xvoyant

Sales organizations spend plenty of time sourcing sales rep candidates, but they don’t always provide the foundational training reps need to be successful. With a limited amount of A-player sales reps to go around, you must find a way to make good candidates great. Learn how to make your sales onboarding a springboard for success.

“Supercharge Your Sales and Leadership Success with ‘LLC’”
Tim Sanders, New York Times Bestselling Author of "Love Is the Killer App"

Bestselling author Tim Sanders reveals three ways you can increase your success through daily investments. He brings his 30+ years of sales and leadership experience to this session with one key message: Expand yourself each and every day!

“The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to Go from $0 to $100 Million”
Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School & Former CRO at HubSpot

Discover how you can hire the same types of successful salespeople every time, train them to align with the modern buyer, provide each salesperson with the same quantity and quality of leads, and standardize the sales process.

“How to Activate a Company-Wide Sales Culture”
Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media

Good sales leaders inspire their sales teams. Great sales leaders inspire their companies. Learn how to embrace and activate a company-wide, truly inspiring sales culture, which involves honing your craft, communicating openly and often with our marketing and operations counterparts, and championing a customer-first sales spirit.

“Nail Your Niche”
Aaron Ross, Bestselling Author of "Predictable Revenue" & "From Impossible to Inevitable"

Discover the five aspects of your fundamental niche and build the foundation for a successful outbound campaign. Determine where you can grow the fastest with the best market opportunity.

“Leading for Growth: The Key Behaviors Modern Leaders Need to Master”
David Priemer, Founder of Cerebral Selling

Learn about four key leadership behaviors that will impact your success and ability to grow and scale your business. Data shows that many leaders aren’t aware of these four behaviors, and even those who are aware are far from mastering them. Improve your leadership today.

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