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Visualize the sale

Learn from the best of the best about cutting-edge strategies for navigating a complex sale, nailing cold calls, balancing your tasks and priorities, leveraging new technology, and identifying the key metrics that you can focus on to hit quota every time.

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“How to Become an Iron Man in the Modern World of Sales”
Morgan J. Ingram, Director of Sales Execution & Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training

Learn how to become the Iron Man/Woman of sales by effectively leveraging the tools and AI that are now available. Morgan explains how to best take advantage of phone, email, video, and social as part of your sales outreach.

“The Context of Sales Evolution”
John Barrows, Owner of JBarrows Sales Training

John discusses how sales reps and the overall profession of sales need to evolve and find new ways of adding value in order to avoid being replaced by marketing and technology.

“What Mapping 200 Sales Processes Has Taught Me About Sales”
Gabe Larsen, VP of InsideSales Labs at

Gabe shares what he’s learned from mapping 200 sales processes—which is that you absolutely must map your sales process. Once a process is visualized, you can identify gaps and implement improvements to drive results. Learn the building blocks for mapping your sales process and the six-steps to mastering your sales process.

“Voicemail Strategies: How to Get More Prospects to Call You Back Today!”
Michael Pedone, CEO of

Learn how to increase cold call voicemail callbacks and advance the sales call to the next phase of the selling cycle. Michael discusses why voicemails fail and how to fix them, instructs on how to use email to get your voicemail heard, and outlines voicemail sales scripts that actually work in the real world.

“Using AI Superpowers to Double Sales Efficiency”
William Dinkel, CEO & Co-founder of Nova

We've all heard how artificial intelligence is going to be the next big thing in sales. Is it hype or reality? William discusses the AI technologies available today, how we can utilize them in sales, and what we can expect from AI in the next few years.

“How Sales Reps Can Create and Curate Content That Drives Sales Conversations”
Jack Kosakowski, CEO of Creation Agency

Jack shares how to create, strengthen, and influence conversations with the right content. Learn how to strategically use content at every stage of the funnel to attract customers.

“Cold Email Prospecting: #RateMyPitch”
Ryan O'Hara, VP of Growth & Marketing at LeadIQ

Learn actionable tips for improving your cold emails. Ryan takes a look at some real-life cold emails—he grades each based on subject line, copy, personality and tone, length and spacing, and signature and then discusses how to improve them.

“AI For Sales—How to Personalize Your Sales Cadence at Scale”
Chad Burmeister, Co-founder & CEO of

Learn why AI makes good reps great, great reps unstoppable, and average reps relevant.

“A Look at Social Selling in 2018”
Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-founder at EveryoneSocial

Learn what social selling is, where it’s headed, and what it can do for you. Cameron shares his tips for taking your online presence to the next level.

“Career Hacking for Millennials: How I Built A Career My Way, And How You Can Too”
Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker

Max discusses three ways to build your dream career in the sales profession—failing, learning how to write and communicate for business, and networking and brand building.

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