• Whiteboard Application Windows

    You’ve just stumbled on the perfect whiteboard application for Windows: Lucidchart. Our diagramming software is easily displayed on a monitor, tablet, or projector for the ultimate experience in collaboration.

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  • Online Whiteboard App

    Since Lucidchart is completely online, there are no cumbersome downloads to deal with. Skip the installation process and start communicating with your team.

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Optimized collaboration

Lucidchart is designed to support an unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators—and with document presence, you can see exactly what they’re doing.

Extensive shape libraries

Drag out basic geometric shapes, connect them with lines, and add interactivity to the document. More complex shape libraries, like those for UML diagrams or org charts, have sophisticated built-in logic.

File flexibility

Need to upload custom images, typefaces, or logos? Lucidchart supports JPG, PNG, SVG, and VSS import. We’re always adding new supported formats, so you can maintain your brand image and keep the boss happy!

Benefits of living in the cloud

If you’ve used desktop software as a whiteboard tool, you know how clunky and confusing the experience can be. End the frustration that comes with endless email attachments and multiple file versions—Lucidchart maintains a single place of record for every document. The program is seamlessly integrated with business services, including Google Drive, Google Apps, Jive, JIRA, and Confluence. Now you can access your documents anywhere, any time.

Thoughtful editor design

As you spend time in Lucidchart, you’ll quickly discover small joys, like keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. When a user connects shapes with lines, the lines automatically find the shortest distance between each point. Nearly every element can be altered, including the arrowhead type, font color, and shape placement. We’re focused on user experience, and it shows—so try it for yourself.