Fantastic Testers and How to Hire Them thumbnail

One day, I realized that my testing workload was too much for me to handle alone. It was time for me to embark on the recruiting train. Hiring new testers is critical to protecting existing team members from burnout and to cover the ever increasing volume of testing needs. Hiring…

How to defuse a bomb… Wait, I mean a bug thumbnail

Helpful testing methods to get a quality product out faster When you have a product release happening very soon and there are major features going out, you may feel a bit of pressure trying to make sure there are no bugs going out with those features. Testing the product under…

Selenium IDE: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly thumbnail

Here at Lucid Software, we are always trying to release high quality code to users as quickly as possible. For every release, we spend three to five days doing a full regression to make sure the code is user ready. Three to five days is not as fast as possible….