Lucidchart and ServiceNow

Bring clarity to your application portfolio by automatically generating Lucidchart diagrams from your ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) data.

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application portfolio data visualized as a flowchart in Lucidchart

Visualize your application portfolio data to see the big picture

By generating Lucidchart diagrams from your ServiceNow APM data, you can uncover insights on your application usage and tech stack. Use these diagrams to easily identify dependencies, redundancies, and opportunities for optimization. This integration can also help administrators budget for new and existing tools and understand how new tools will fit into existing architecture and how those tools will be managed.

collaborating to customize diagrams

Customize your diagrams to plan future states

Don’t be stuck with static diagrams—or static, ineffective processes and architecture. After generating diagrams using the Lucidchart and ServiceNow integration, you can customize each diagram to visualize potential future states. Propose adjustments to your application strategy, and use Lucidchart to begin executing next steps and making that vision a reality.

communicating application data to other teams

Communicate application data across teams and stakeholders

Get everyone on the same page by sharing your Lucidchart documents with key stakeholders and team members. Lucidchart makes it easy for dispersed and cross-functional teams to stay aligned on application management and strategy—any changes you make to the diagram will sync instantly.

Automatically turn APM data into powerful visuals

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