UberConference is a ground-breaking conference calling system that eliminates traditional gripes in favor of a smooth and easy experience. Lucidchart helps the team design mission-critical flows and communicate amongst themselves.

INDUSTRY: Disruptive tech
COMPANIES INCLUDE: UberConference, Nosh, NoshList, Jotly

BUSINESS NEED: Switch is a fast-growing product accelerator led by Craig Walker, the founder of GrandCentral, which later became Google Voice. The team specializes in revolutionizing industries rife with antiquated technology, like hospitality and telephony. To create internal design schemas and communicate ideas between management and engineering, UberConference needed an affordable online alternative to Microsoft Visio.

SOLUTION: Lucidchart delivered a cost-effective diagramming solution that streamlines several areas of the business, including product design and human resources documentation.


Craig Walker is the CEO of Switch, an incubator that specializes in disruptive products that provide seamless workplace solutions. Chief among them is UberConference, which aims to revolutionize the conference call experience from start to finish. Of course, revolution always comes at a price—in this case, it’s the inherent difficulty of turning the status quo upside-down.

Mr. Walker said, “In creating our products, there are a lot of flows. If someone calls into the service right before a conference starts, how do we handle them? If someone calls in after the conference has started, but doesn’t enter the right PIN, where do we send them? There are so many if/then variables and potential flows that we need to chart out. This comes into play particularly when we work with the engineering team. They have to figure out every scenario in a way that makes sense, both for us and for the end user.”

Mr. Walker has always relied on flowcharts to convey information quickly and easily. In the past, he used Visio to map out product design, org charts, and other documentation. He said, “We even bought a big printer to be able to print out 15-inch flowcharts, so people can see what’s supposed to happen.” But while Visio’s functionality as a desktop program allowed for flowchart printing, users had no way to collaborate simultaneously or make edits online.

Solution & Results

Both Lucidchart and UberConference are cloud-based software packages, founded by former Google execs and backed by Google Ventures. So it was only natural for the Switch team to switch their diagramming to Lucidchart. Mr. Walker describes the discovery of Lucidchart as “fortuitous”.

He said, “I used to have a Windows-based computer, so I ran Visio on that. When I switched to a Mac, I could never get comfortable with Omnigraffle, so I was looking for an online version of Visio when I came across Lucidchart. I was affirmatively looking for something like this product, and I received independent evaluation from a team member that it was the best solution out there. Since we’re G Suite users, we like to use everything in the cloud. If there’s a better, cheaper alternative online, why use downloaded software?”

By moving to a cloud-based package like Lucidchart, Mr. Walker and his team can make edits, leave comments, and present their work—all without leaving their desks. Mr. Walker said, “First, we come up with what we want a product to do. And as we start working with engineering to get it built, the first thing I’ll do is scope it out with Lucidchart. So it’s very simple to make a step-by-step process that engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders can refer to. That way, we’re all on the same page.”

By using this system, Uber has managed to build a host of useful and innovative features, like the ability to see exactly who’s on the call and who’s talking when. It’s easy to download a transcript or audio file of the call, and even put “earmuffs” on certain users to selectively mute your end of the conversation. As the company has grown, their need for a diagramming tool expanded to several avenues, including sales, engineering, product development, and human resources. Because Lucidchart is such a versatile tool—capable of handling flowcharts, value stream maps, network diagrams, mind maps, org charts, and more—it’s been a perfect fit for the thriving business. Plus, Lucidchart’s seamless integration with Google Drive has sped adoption across the domain.

Mr. Walker explained that Lucidchart has eased the work of communicating for his entire company: “It’s changed everything. I think a picture’s worth a thousand words, so rather than writing up a 20 page product requirements document or sketching out a complex org chart, I chart it out visually. It’s so much easier.”


UberConference used the intuitive interface and real-time collaboration of Lucidchart to quickly communicate integral ideas amongst themselves. Lucidchart helped them generate crucial documents that are always accessible, editable, and visual.

Our software is simple to learn and easy to manage. Collaborators will love the ease of team projects with Lucidchart, and you’ll appreciate the workweek hours returned to you—no need to troubleshoot when you’d rather be leading, working, and growing.

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