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Por que o Lucidchart?

O Lucidchart combina facilidade de uso com uma funcionalidade aprofundada para acomodar todo tipo de estudante, seja de escola primária ou de cursos de engenharia avançada. Professores e líderes educacionais também podem usar nosso software para explicar processos complexos e demonstrar técnicas de aprendizagem por meio de organizadores gráficos, mapas mentais e mapas conceituais. Nosso criador de fluxogramas oferece soluções para toda a sua escola. Cadastre-se e aproveite esta iniciativa de aprendizagem digital.

Por que o Lucidchart?
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Limite de usuários1Ilimitado
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Limite de objetos por documento100Ilimitado
Espaço de armazenamento100 MBIlimitado
OS compatívelPC, Mac, Linux, ChromebookPC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook
Recursos EDU grátisEDU Premium
Bibliotecas de formasAvançado (iOS, Android, wireframes, linhas do tempo, mapas mentais)Avançado (iOS, Android, wireframes, linhas do tempo, mapas mentais)
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Teach your students the power of teamwork. Lucidchart runs in the cloud, so your whole group can create or comment on a diagram together in real time. If someone’s missing, tag that person in a comment to solicit feedback.


Lucidchart complements your BYOD or 1:1 initiative. Unlike other diagramming applications, which require installation on a single device, Lucidchart is accessible on all the technology you already have, including Chromebooks. Use whichever devices meet your needs—Lucidchart plays nice with all.

Fully integrated

You can integrate all Lucid products with Google across your entire domain. If you already use G Suite for Education or Google Classroom, enable Google SSO, and you’ll be able to create and manage assets from the interface you’re familiar with.

Quick to learn

Our clean, straightforward editor is intuitive for students of all ages. Simply drag and drop shapes onto the canvas and begin a project. Students can unleash their creativity since they aren’t bogged down with more complex technology.

Easy to share

Share the right level of access with each of your collaborators through permissions-level sharing and then publish your finished work to the web, social media, or LMS courses. To see some examples in action, check out our Educational Resources page.


No matter what subject you teach or study, browse through our shape libraries to find the right images for your project. You can even add videos to your diagram or perform an in-editor search to find images outside of Lucidchart.

More with Education Premium

Consolidate users at your site onto a shared experience. When you upgrade to our Education Premium offering, you'll enjoy:

  • More storage, enhanced collaboration
  • Additional integrations
  • Enterprise level security
  • Administrative console for easy license management and additional privacy controls

Speak to a Lucidchart representative to learn more.

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How to sign up

Lucidchart will automatically upgrade your account if you’re a K12 teacher or student registering with a valid educational email address. You simply need to sign up for a free account and follow the dialogue prompts—it’s that simple.

Higher Education? We've got you covered.

  1. Sign up for a free account with your educational email address.
  2. Click your name in the top right and navigate to "User Settings"
  3. Click "Get a Free Educational Upgrade" in the bottom left navigation.
  4. Receive your confirmation email, click the link, and you're in!

Citações sobre o Lucidchart

"The process of creating a chart can help students visualize and process the parts of a multifaceted problem or concept. Lucidchart makes it easy for students to create charts and share their charts."


"While there are plenty of other apps and services that let you create mind maps and flowcharts, I have yet to find a decent one that shares this feature. Real-time collaboration has some pretty excellent classroom possibilities. Imagine a group of students working on a Venn Diagram or procedural flowchart for science class, all at the same time, but from different machines . . . Some pretty great results could be achieved with everyone working at once."


"The web-based, clean interface allows for the collaborative creation of diagrams and flowcharts for publishing. I recommend this tool as fast, easy to learn, and collaborative."


Want to learn more? Speak to a Lucidchart representative.

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