Welcome to North Carolina

Lucid recently opened its east coast hub in Raleigh, North Carolina. Having now spent nine months in Raleigh, I can definitively say we chose a great place. I’ve personally made many new friends and had great opportunities to learn and grow from the wonderful people in the area. It’s been incredible to see the office grow from our small landing team to over 35 employees in such a short time.

I’m excited to see the office continue to grow and evolve as we focus on adding more to our product, engineering, and sales teams as well as other specific roles.

Why open a new office when companies are going remote?

Earlier this year, Lucid introduced a hybrid, remote-friendly policy allowing employees to choose to work from remote or in-office environments each day of the week. Providing that flexibility helps improve employee productivity, connection, and engagement.

Lucid team members collaborate together in the Raleigh office.

After years of working remotely, we’re seeing more people crave in-person interactions on a regular basis, and applicants are seeking employers that still support in-office experiences. Our Raleigh office provides that in-office experience outside of our Utah headquarters, and we’re already seeing many employees work regularly in our office, especially when we provide lunch on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Lucid employees frequently eat lunch together on the office’s balcony.

Why Raleigh?

Raleigh is located in The Research Triangle made up of three leading universities: UNC, Duke, and NC State. These schools, and others in the region, attract top talent from across the U.S. and the world. We’re excited to develop mutually-beneficial relationships with these schools, aiding in students’ learning and growth as well as offering job opportunities upon graduation to continue to bring innovative talent to Lucid.

Games of cornhole inspire some friendly competition across teams.

What’s great about joining Lucid now?

Lucid is building an incredible team in Raleigh. There are lots of opportunities for growth and leadership as our early team continues to grow. The smaller office makes this the perfect opportunity to enjoy a startup-like environment while still enjoying the benefits of working for a larger company. We’re already finding a lot of success together as a group, and I’m excited to watch the continued growth we experience within the office and across Lucid.

The Lucid team in Raleigh continues to grow. Come join us!

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