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19 January 2017
18 January 2017
17 January 2017

Let’s Get Organized—3 Types of Organizational Charts

The typical org chart looks like a pyramid, your C-level executives at the top with lines stretching down to middle management and finally staff-level employees. But not every org chart has to look this way. Let’s go through the three common types of organizational charts and reasons why you might consider each of them.

Posted By: shannon
16 January 2017

How to Make a Decision Tree in Excel

Transform your data into a more interesting, more convincing decision tree diagram in Excel. Decision trees provide a more consumable layout for your data as you consider different options, and then they help justify your decision to others. Learn how to make a decision tree in Excel, using Lucidchart and its Microsoft Office add-in to make the process faster.

Posted By: shannon