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  • Lucidchart tips

    Lucidchart template roundup: April 2024

    Let’s dive into our newest additions of Salesforce templates released in April 2024!

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  • team templates
    Lucidchart tips

    4 templates Lucidchart users love to collaborate on

    Explore our most-loved Lucidchart templates according to our Lucid Champions, and maybe even try them out on your team!  

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  • illustration of Google Drawings vs. Lucidchart

    Google Drawings vs. Lucidchart: Why Lucidchart wins

    Need to add a diagram to Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides? Learn why Lucidchart is a better choice than Google Drawings.

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  • what is a BPMN diagram
    Lucidchart tips

    Creating BPMNs in Lucidchart [+course]

    Learn all about what BPMNs are and how to effectively create them in Lucidchart. Includes a free course!

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  • Project management and Agile basics

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  • Top diagram types

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Powerful clarity for dynamic professionals

Learn how to bring teams together and build the future through intelligent visualization of people, processes, and systems.

  • What is demand planning? Tips, strategies, and tools

    We’ll dive into what demand planning is and why it’s important. We’ll also share a free template.


    • Sales
    • Product development
  • Process map templates and examples

    Show—don’t tell—the steps of your workflow with a process map. You can get started quickly with our process map templates!

  • How to use swimlanes to improve project management

    In this article, we’ll discuss swimlane diagrams and how they can improve your project management processes overall.

  • Learn how to customize your visual data

    Lucidchart puts data to work by transforming it into a visual landscape. Learn how—includes a free course!

  • 10 Lucidchart features to increase productivity

    Lucidchart can work wonders for increasing productivity—want to learn how? Check out the top 10 tips and tricks for making your work easier as you build, share, and present diagrams.

  • Understanding Euler diagrams vs. Venn diagrams

    In this post, we’ll explore both Euler diagrams and Venn diagrams—what they are, how they differ, and when to use them.

  • Lucidchart template roundup: April 2024

    Let’s dive into our newest additions of Salesforce templates released in April 2024!

  • Org chart templates and examples

    Need to create an organizational chart to define roles and responsibilities within your group? Get started with these org chart templates and examples! You'll also learn how to create an org chart in Google Docs and how to automatically import org charts with Lucidchart.


  • Customizing your Lucidchart diagrams (+ free course!)

    Access the full course in Lucid Training Labs to view video training and other tools for customizing your diagrams.

  • Streamlining workflows: From collaborating to planning with the Lucidchart Zoho Cliq integration

    Integrating Lucidchart with Zoho Cliq allows teams to seamlessly transition from planning to execution. Learn more.

  • Visualize your data with Lucidchart (includes a free course!)

    Learn how to import, manage, and monitor data, plus access tips on working with multiple data sets and data linking. Includes a free course!

  • Build smarter Lucidchart diagrams [+ free course!]

    In this post, we’ll go over some of best tips to build smarter diagrams. Includes a free course to become an expert!

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