How to insert diagrams in Google Docs

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Google Docs has long been my go-to program for writing and editing papers on the fly. But what if you want more? Google Apps is touted as an all-in-one productivity solution, so we’ve responded with a helpful diagram add-on. Now anyone can add Lucidchart diagrams to a Google Doc in a few clicks!

Why it matters

Google Docs isn’t just for late-night college papers—millions of schools and businesses use Docs to communicate with teammates, partners, professors, and clients. Inserting a diagram adds a level of professionalism to your work; plus, your memo or report will be more comprehensive.

Users can add flowcharts, org charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and any other type of chart to a Google Doc. Our add-on also allows you to create a new diagram from the Google Docs environment! So instead of opening a new tab, drawing the chart, downloading it, and uploading the image file, try the add-on instead. Please note that this functionality only applies to Docs, not other Google products.

Getting started

  1. Open a Google Doc.
  2. Click Add-on menu, then select “Get Add-ons”.
  3. Find the Lucidchart listing and click to add. This is the first and only time you have to hunt down the listing; in the future, it will appear directly below the Add-ons tab.
  4. A dialog will appear. Click “Accept” to grant Lucidchart access to Google Docs.
  5. Click “Get Started” in the sidebar that appears.
  6. Grant Google access to your Lucidchart documents. Your diagrams will appear in the sidebar.

Using the add-on after set-up

Now that you’ve set up the add-on, inserting and creating diagrams is simple:

  1. Open a Google Doc.
  2. Click the Add-ons tab, then select Lucidchart Diagrams > Insert Diagram. A sidebar will appear, giving you three options: Create, Insert, or Edit.
  3. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Can I share from Google Docs?
No, but you can click your email address in the sidebar to share from Lucidchart. You can also edit user settings, alter subscription level, contact customer support, and manage diagrams from here.

Is it possible to connect any Lucidchart account to any Google account?
Yes! Your Lucidchart account does not need to correspond to your Google account and vice-versa.

How will my diagram look in the Google Doc?
Diagrams should look crisp and clear. They’ll automatically size to the width of the page, and you may resize the image by dragging its corners.

What about multi-page documents?
If your Lucidchart document has more than one page, use the arrows in the sidebar preview to find the right page. You can only select and insert the contents of one page at a time.

Can I update inserted diagrams? Yes—just click the Add-ons tab and select Lucidchart Diagrams > Update Inserted Diagrams. The images will automatically reflect any changes you’ve made. This only works if you’re the document owner.

With Lucidchart’s new add-on for Google Docs, creating attractive, professional documentation is easier than ever. We hope you enjoy it!

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Announcing shape notes and data tables

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We’re excited to unveil enhanced productivity features, including tables and notes, that will make your diagrams even more robust. Read on for the details!


Make interactive tables

New interactive tables make it easy to display data, whether it’s created in Lucidchart or copied from a spreadsheet. Use the pop-up menu to insert rows and columns, change the grid style, and mix up the colors. Learn more

Add notations to shapes

Want to add more information to a shape? Just right-click and select “Add Note”. Comments are designed for collaboration, while these notes are meant for instant viewing. They’re always visible on the doc—even in demo mode. See tutorial

Insert filler text

If you’re a designer, you’ll appreciate this feature. Add placeholder text to your document by double-clicking a text box and selecting Insert > Fill With Lorem Ipsum.

Improved AWS diagrams

The AWS architecture shape library has been updated! Now users can browse our newly improved categories and access the latest AWS Simple Icons, for a total of 100+ shapes. Try now

Team Updates

Updated Confluence features

Lucidchart’s Confluence add-on is more streamlined than ever—users can make a new page and add diagrams in a single step. To access this functionality, create a new page in Confluence and click the Lucidchart icon to insert a desired chart. This feature is only available for Team users; upgrade your account to try the latest updates to our add-on.

Flexible account management

The new billing admin role gives your organization more financial freedom. Now anyone, not just the org admin, can view invoices and manage the team subscription. Learn more

Pro Tips

Learn how to design a flowchart

Despite their structured format, many flowcharts end up looking sloppy and disorganized. It doesn’t have to be that way! Avoid blinding color combos and confusing paths with these design tips. Learn more

Make precision edits in Lucidchart

Lucidchart is outstanding for flowcharts, diagrams, and any other charting and mapping you want to do. And just because it’s on the web doesn’t mean you can’t make precise edits. Read tips

Import crisp, scalable graphics

Save custom shapes in a smooth vector format with SVG import. Just click the More Shapes button and select “Import SVG”. Then select a destination library or create a new one. You can even upload multiple files at once by holding Ctrl (Cmd) and clicking each file. Try now


“Lucidchart has helped us produce gorgeous work for our clients, helping us help them make the web a better place. I had gone through everything from Visio to Omnigraffle before finding Lucidchart—I’m never looking back.”

- Laura Lippay, CEO of SEOgadget US
Read the case study

“The growing complexity of websites and web applications has yielded several new approaches to structuring and maintaining style sheets. Here’s what we learned by using Atomic CSS to design our new company website.”

- Alma Madsen, Senior Engineer at Lucidchart
See the post on DZone

We hope you enjoy the latest features! As always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart.

- The Lucid Team

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How to design a flowchart

Posted on by eliza

Despite their structured format, many flowcharts end up sloppy, disorganized, and confusing. It doesn’t have to be that way! The image above depicts the exact same information—just styled differently. If you want to avoid searing color combinations and confusing paths in your own flowcharts, follow these design tips:


  • It’s standard to read flowcharts by following the arrowed lines from step to step. Make sure that every shape is connected to another, and the flow from step to step follows a logical path.
  • Remember that flowcharts are typically drawn from top to bottom or left to right. You can switch this up for design purposes, but it may confuse your audience. Continue reading →
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5 easy ways to maximize Google Apps

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You heard that Google Apps would make life easier, so you signed up. After all, it’s free for education and non-profits, and surprisingly affordable for businesses. But where do you go from here? We’ll show you five easy steps to getting the most out of Google Apps.

Work anywhere

If you really want to maximize Google Apps, it’s time to get in sync. It’s as simple as entering your Google login credentials to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This enables you to check the Google ecosystem from any location and see updates as they happen. Want to invite a colleague to a business meeting? Do it from your car and they’ll receive the calendar notification within seconds. Need to collaborate on a shared file? Chat right in the document, leave comments, or share with a non-Google Apps user. Syncing is a simple step that will make team communication a whole lot slicker. Continue reading →

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Check out our new iOS 7 shapes

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In 2013, you let us know that we were missing some key features, including the latest iOS 7 shapes and sophisticated page layers. We’re happy to announce that both options are now available!

iOS 7 shapes and layers

With our new iOS 7 shapes, Lucidchart will become your go-to program for modern mockups and wireframes. All options for style and appearance are based on official Apple guidelines. Mockups are a Pro feature, but you can try iOS 7 shapes for free by clicking the button below.

Our brand new Layers panel is ideal for separating elements and managing complex diagrams. This feature is available to Free and Basic users, but Pro users have the added ability to create interaction within layers. Learn more

At your service

Need to schedule a demo or ask a question? Email our support staff and we’ll get in touch. Otherwise, check out our extensive tutorials for videos and instructions.

As always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart!

- The Lucid Team

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How Lucidchart can help you get a raise

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We hope you had a relaxing holiday season! But now that the new year is here, how do you plan to conquer it? The tips below will help you walk into your next performance review with confidence.

1. Save money

Please your boss and the accounting department by suggesting Lucidchart. When you switch from Visio (or another diagramming program), the savings are substantial.

Common problems with downloaded software are 1) It quickly becomes outdated, 2) It usually only works on a single machine, 3) Patches, bug fixes, and feature updates aren’t automatically pushed, and 4) You have to pay all at once. Lucidchart solves all of those issues. Most supervisors we speak to are thrilled to discover a secure, affordable, scalable solution like Lucidchart. Why not be the person to introduce it?

2. Take ownership

Taking ownership of key projects sends the message that you’re ready to lead. And research shows that engaged workers tend to be happier and more energetic—qualities that will reflect well on you when it’s time for performance reviews. Lucidchart is an affordable way to get more fully involved. Our program is ideal for:

  • Planning processes
  • Organizing projects
  • Defining task and roles
  • Sketching out websites and applications
  • Pinpointing procedural inefficiencies

It’s easy to use, so you can begin right away—no need for technical training or a colleague looking over your shoulder. You don’t even need to fill out a software request form or use the company credit card, because we offer 100% free trials of every paid account level.

If you haven’t tried our premium features, like interactive layers, sign up for a Pro or Team account. It’s risk-free, and if you like what you see, your whole team can experience the same benefits.

3. Work as a team

Many companies and organizations have found that teamwork increases profit. It makes sense—if you can quickly share work and get instant feedback from team members, you’ll save a great deal of time. Lucidchart’s real-time collaboration makes that possible. Our team accounts let you chat and comment right on the doc, as well as view the actions of other users. This keeps your whole team on the same page with no extra effort.

Involve clients, partners, co-workers, and trusted mentors with a single click. Each change is saved in one place and synced instantly, so you know the version you’re looking at is always up-to-date. 

4. Call attention to your efforts

All this work is for naught if your boss doesn’t know about it. Luckily, Lucidchart’s handy revision history tool can reveal who made changes to a document and when they did so. Use this feature and your own documentation method to demonstrate your value to the company. Prove that you’re a cost-cutting leader and most supervisors will be overjoyed to give you that raise.

Remember, our support team is always ready to assist. If your company has detailed security standards to meet or a tight budget to stay within, let’s chat. Best of luck in 2014!

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Lucid Roundup – Make flowcharts while you travel

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You probably don’t enjoy the cramped seats and complimentary bag of pretzel flecks that come standard on airline flights. But if you could work while you traveled, those inconveniences might be worth it. With the FAA’s new policy changes, airline passengers can use devices like tablets, laptops, e-readers, and cell phones in airplane mode throughout the flight—and not just above a certain altitude.

For years, the FAA had claimed that using electronic devices during takeoff, landing, and taxiing posed a safety issue; that radio signals from the devices could interfere with an aircraft’s core systems. But a 28-person committee studied the matter and ruled that most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference from portable electronic devices. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said, “We found that we could protect aviation safety and at the same time address the passenger desire for use of their portable devices.”

So instead of reading SkyMall cover to cover, you can use our offline app to make flowcharts, sketch out websites and apps, and a whole lot more. And you won’t have to pay an extortionate Wi-Fi charge to do so. Continue reading →

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Announcing SVG import

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We have some exciting news today about improved shape alignment and SVG import. Both features are available to all users, free or paid.

Perfect alignment

You can now select a group of objects and right-click to preview your desired alignment, whether that’s left, middle, right, top, center, or bottom.

We’ve also implemented colored lines to guide your placement; view them by moving an object in relation to any other object. Great-looking docs are just a click away! Continue reading →

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Google Launches Easier Discovery of Third-Party Apps for Google Apps Customers

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[November 19, 2013] – Today Google introduced a new way for Google Apps administrators to discover third-party applications that use improved security. Marketplace updates, which align closely with the look and feel of Google’s popular Chrome Web Store, seek to improve the overall operating experience for IT administrators using Google’s enterprise platform. The new Marketplace layout makes it easier for administrators to discover and install relevant third-party applications and can be accessed directly through the Google Apps Admin console, which Google redesigned earlier this year.

The Google Apps Marketplace is home to hundreds of applications built by independent software vendors. These products provide added automation, administrative and management tools, project management software, backup and more. The Google Apps Marketplace makes it possible for IT administrators and users to operate in a 100% web and Google cloud environment. Continue reading →

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4 quick back-to-school tips

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School is in the air, and Lucidchart can make the transition both fun and simple. We’re proud to offer another free year of diagramming to students and educators. Read on for 4 tips on getting the most out of Lucidchart this school year!

Getting Started

If your school is on Google Apps for Education, explore our application by logging in to your school email account, clicking “More”, then selecting Lucidchart. If you know your username and password, you can also sign in here.

No need to be intimidated—Lucidchart is fun, flexible, and surprisingly easy to use. We’ll show you how! Continue reading →

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