Finally, diagrams done right.

Lucidchart provides an intuitive and collaborative diagramming solution for your entire organization. Our focus on quality, security, and affordability makes your decision easy. Check out the features and see what Lucidchart can do for your company.

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Easy from the start

Lucidchart is immediately intuitive—there’s no learning curve to get started.

Nothing to install

Say goodbye to the hassles of desktop software. No more outdated versions, corrupt files, and resource drains. Lucidchart is always online and just a click away.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop functionality simplifies the entire experience. For example, line drawing is as easy as dragging from the edge of an object. Let go and a new shape instantly pops up.

Dedicated support

We’re here when you need us. Drop by our forums or send us an email and we’ll get your questions answered pronto. Our goal is to keep you charting productively and efficiently.

Simple scalability

When the time comes, we’ll help take your diagramming to the next level. From a team of 2 to an organization of 200,000, Lucidchart is engineered to meet your needs and grow with you.

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Built for collaboration

Boost productivity with Lucidchart’s real-time collaboration.

Any browser, anywhere

Because Lucidchart is built on HTML5 and web standards, it works on every major browser and Internet-enabled device! Now you can share with friends and colleagues without a second thought about compatibility issues.

Revision history

Robust revision history tracks the development of your document. We’ll show you who, when, and what—and if you don’t see the why, simply revert back or start a new document from a previous version.

Group chat and comments

Communication is key to our collaborative diagramming environment. Lucidchart allows you to chat with the team in real time or leave a comment directly in the document. Now everyone is on board and up to speed.

Embedded documents

Ready to broadcast your creation? Embed the diagram in a wiki, corporate website, or blog and it will automatically update as you make changes in Lucidchart.

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Secure and dependable

Rest easy knowing your documents are safe with Lucidchart.

Sophisticated data encryption

Your data is safe with us. All data is transferred to Lucidchart servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with AES-256 bit encryption. We securely store and frequently rotate encryption keys to further increase site security.

Robust backup

We store every version of your diagrams and automatically save your changes. Your documents are backed up hourly to multiple data centers—no more fretting about misplaced files or hard drive failures.

Secure data centers

Lucidchart is hosted from multiple secure data centers. We partner with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services to provide you with top-of-the-line storage and security.

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Seamlessly integrated

Lucidchart integrations expand the diagramming horizon.

Google Apps / Drive

We know that no app is an island, so we’ve integrated with some of the world’s leading cloud providers to further extend the Lucidchart experience. If you use Google Apps or Drive, you can fully integrate with Lucidchart in just a few clicks.

Confluence, JIRA, and Jive

Lucidchart’s integrations cater to the efficient enterprise. Securely and conveniently access documents from Confluence, JIRA, and Jive. Your organization will be sharing and communicating like never before.

Visio import/export

Lucidchart is the only online diagramming application that offers Microsoft Visio import and export. It's now easier than ever to transition your work to the cloud. You can also export Lucidchart documents to share with colleagues who haven't made the transition yet.

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Incredibly affordable

Spend less and get more with Lucidchart.

Replace expensive Microsoft Visio licenses

Lucidchart provides value and savings unmatched by Microsoft Visio—from greater efficiency, to deeper collaboration, to drastically lower subscription costs. Now you can outfit your entire department with Lucidchart for a fraction of the cost of Visio.

Maintenance and support on us

Because maintenance and support takes place on our end, your IT staff can breathe easy and focus on other priorities. Say goodbye to the wrestle with compatibility issues, desktop installations, and version updates.

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