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Visualizing enterprise architecture with the Lucidchart LeanIX integration

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There are many moving parts of a business that need to work together to deliver value to customers: people, processes, products, data, technology, and more. 

Organizations around the world lean on enterprise architecture (EA) as a framework to manage and transform their businesses for the future, all while navigating the intricacies of a digital era.

According to LeanIX, “Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that manages conflicting approaches to success within large-scale organizations … [and] introduces practical standards across departmental units and teams in order to streamline efforts with an intelligent sharing of resources.” 

Many tools have emerged to help companies adopt EA practices, but not all can keep up. 

Together, Lucidchart and LeanIX have partnered on an integration to enhance collaboration and architecture modeling, helping enterprise architects turn strategic IT planning into actionable solution architectures. 

The integration at a glance

As practitioners of EA, enterprise architects need a tool that helps them efficiently manage business complexities alongside rapid movement in DevOps and Agile best practices. 

Lucidchart and LeanIX help enterprise architects map out their processes and systems, including:

  • Business architecture
  • Information architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Data flows
  • IT services and processes
  • Risk dependencies
company systems overview
Company High-Level Systems Overview (Click on image to modify online)

To put it simply, using this integration allows you to:

  • Import diagrams made in LeanIX into Lucidchart to leverage Lucidchart’s rich diagramming features.
  • Create new Lucidchart diagrams directly from the LeanIX platform.
  • Embed Lucidchart documents within LeanIX. 

The benefits of visualizing your enterprise architecture with Lucidchart and LeanIX don’t stop there. When you convert your LeanIX diagrams to Lucidchart documents, you gain access to a visual workspace that supports:

  • Continuous, flexible, and company-wide communication and collaboration features
  • Scalable enterprise architecture visuals
  • Documentation that translates strategy into results
  • Complex modeling
  • Ease of use

How to use the integration

Existing LeanIX and Lucidchart customers can leverage this partnership to easily visualize their EA. Lucidchart’s integration with LeanIX is out of the box, meaning there is no download or installation process required. Lucidchart is now available as a third offered diagram type in LeanIX. All you need to do is log in to get started.

Get started by doing the following:

Embed Lucidchart diagrams into LeanIX

Lucidchart users can add important visuals and context to enterprise architecture by embedding Lucidchart diagrams into LeanIX. This way, you don’t need to toggle back and forth between your visual workspace and your primary EA tool.

lucidchart leanix integration
Select Lucidchart as a diagram type in LeanIX

Convert old LeanIX diagrams into Lucidchart documents

This integration works both ways for Lucidchart and LeanIX. If you already made an EA diagram using the basic diagramming capabilities built into LeanIX, but need more advanced diagramming functionality, you can switch over to Lucidchart without losing your work. 

Easily import your LeanIX diagrams into Lucidchart. Save time and rework down the line, while gaining access to new features in Lucidchart to help you refine and build upon your existing diagram.

Level-up your diagrams with templates, industry-standard shapes, and powerful features

Lucidchart is a visual workspace that offers advanced and powerful diagramming features so you can get the most out of your diagrams. 

By migrating your LeanIX diagrams to Lucidchart documents, you can access shape libraries that include hundreds of industry-standard shapes and multiple unique EA templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch on future diagrams.

integration architecture example
Integration architecture example (Click on image to modify online)

Visualizing the systems, processes, and flows of your enterprise architecture has never been easier or more contextual. Leverage advanced Lucidchart features such as layers, data linking, and conditional formatting to provide more understanding and insight.

Collaborate cross-functionally

Because Lucidchart is a cloud-based solution for your EA diagram needs, it comes with seamless collaboration capabilities to streamline and improve how your enterprise architects work together, while communicating and keeping other teams and stakeholders in the know. 

Collaborate on diagrams across your enterprise architecture with features like commenting and  @mentions to quickly get feedback on process or system diagrams. Or, use Presentation Mode to share specific parts of your diagram to ensure alignment on changes or plans with stakeholders.

Learn more about how to capitalize on this integration in the Lucidchart Help Center.

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