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Use Azure SCIM to Seamlessly Manage Lucidchart Users

Margaret Julian

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Are you the administrator of a Lucidchart Enterprise account? Do you use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage your company’s account information? 

If you answered yes to both questions, we have added an exciting new SCIM integration with Azure AD that will help you provision and deprovision users quickly. If you answered no, you’re missing out! Talk to our sales team about upgrading to an Enterprise account.

Azure Active Directory doesn’t just provide Single Sign- On and provisioning functionality for company-specific resources—it also works for external SaaS applications. With Lucidchart’s latest SCIM integration with Azure Active Directory, Enterprise account administrators can now manage Lucidchart accounts with all of the benefits of the Azure Active Directory system. 

In case you’re rusty on what those benefits are, and what they could mean for you, this article can give you a helpful overview and provide specific instructions on how to activate the integration.

Benefits of Azure Active Directory 

For administrators, user provisioning and management through SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) streamlines and centralizes the account management process. Instead of having to deal with multiple interfaces to activate or deactivate accounts or create reports on user activity, administrators can access that information centrally in the Azure Active Directory interface. In addition to saving the time it takes to manage multiple accounts, Azure Active Directory increases security with access governance controls.

Benefits of the Azure SCIM integration with Lucidchart

When you integrate your Lucidchart Enterprise account with Azure Active Directory, you will be able to:

  • Control which users have access to Lucidchart.
  • Enable Lucidchart users to use Single Sign-On to open Lucidchart with their Azure AD account credentials.
  • Manage all of your company’s accounts centrally through the Azure portal.

How to activate the Azure SCIM Integration with Lucidchart

Ready to make your account management process a breeze with the new Azure AD SCIM integration? Simply follow these steps, or check out our Help Center article for specific instructions with screenshots:

  1. Make sure you have already set up your Azure AD SAML integration. If you haven’t set it up yet, check out this Help Center article to learn how..
  2. Navigate to, and then select “Azure Active Directory” from the left-sidebar menu.
  3. Select “Enterprise applications” from the Manage menu.
  4. Select the Lucidchart application and select “Provisioning” from the Manage menu.
  5. Change the Provisioning Mode from “Manual” to “Automatic.”

You’ve now turned on the integration on the Azure AD side. To finish the process, you’ll also need to turn on the integration in Lucidchart:

  1. In your Lucidchart account, navigate to Team > App Integration > SCIM, and generate a new SCIM Bearer Token.
  2. Insert the Lucidchart Bearer Token into the “Secret Token” field and then select “Test Connection.”
  3. Turn provisioning status to “On” and select “Save.”

If you’ve followed along, your Azure AD SCIM integration with Lucidchart is now ready to use. Say goodbye to manual user provisioning and get back to doing the things that matter most to you.

Talk to our sales team about upgrading to an Enterprise account.

About the author

Margaret Julian is our content marketing manager at Lucid. An MBA graduate from Brigham Young University, Margaret is passionate about content, branding, and product marketing strategy. In her free time, Margaret dances, hikes, reads, and experiments with new ways to incorporate chocolate into any recipe.

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