Document your systems and architecture

Maximize the efficiency of your documentation. Use Lucidchart to visualize your infrastructure while streamlining communication and decision-making in one central hub.

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The perfect toolkit for documenting systems and architecture

A conceptual image showing a sequence diagram in Lucidchart

Build sequence diagrams with UML notation

Empower your engineers with Lucidchart's intuitive UML platform. Leverage specific shapes, flexible features, and integrated tools for creating and sharing accurate, detailed diagrams.

A conceptual image showing an architecture diagram with the shapes menu open on the canvas

Visualize your cloud architecture

Create visual documentation to better see and understand your cloud environment. Use cloud-specific shape libraries and customizable styling to build precise diagrams.

A conceptual image showing AI functionality in Lucidchart, and users’ ability to enter text prompts

Leverage AI to diagram faster

Use the AI Prompt Flow extension to experiment with large language model (LLM) prompts. Test different prompts and maintain a history of iterations in your Lucidchart document.

A conceptual image showing the option to share a diagram in Lucidchart via Presentation Mode

Accelerate team alignment

Centralize documentation to enable shared understanding across teams. Use Presentation Mode to present visuals, and enable comments to gather feedback and updates.

Features for creating more efficient documentation

Linking and embedding

AI Prompt Flow

Embed diagrams

Real-time collaboration

Cloud-specific shape libraries

Revision history

Links and Embedding in Lucidchart

Linking and embedding

Centralize resources by embedding links to UML diagrams in integrated documents or platforms.

AI Prompt Flow in Lucidchart

AI Prompt Flow

Build and experiment with LLMs on the Lucid canvas. Test prompts and inputs to see what works best.

Embedding a diagram in Lucidchart

Embed diagrams

Embed technical diagrams in Jira, Confluence, Notion, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more to enhance visibility.

Realtime collaboration in Lucidchart

Real-time collaboration

Streamline work by enabling multiple collaborators to create and edit the same diagram at once.

Cloud based shape library in Lucidchart

Cloud-specific shape libraries

Use pre-made shape libraries tailored for cloud architecture, or create shape libraries to meet your unique needs.

Version history in Lucidchart

Revision history

Collaborate confidently—view changes, revert to prior versions, and ensure charts are up to date.

Additional resources

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Get templates for documenting your systems and architecture.

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Learn how to create dynamic, data-backed diagrams to visualize anything.

Lucid integrations marketplace

Explore Lucidchart integrations for building and sharing documentation.

Document your systems and architecture with Lucidchart

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