Visualize your organization and Agile teams

Get a visual understanding of how your organization operates. Use Lucidchart to create dynamic org charts, organize Agile teams, and evaluate team resources.

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Add images and filters to easily see, understand, and manage your entire organizational structure.

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The perfect toolkit for visualizing your org

A conceptual image showing an org chart and team budgets generated in Lucidchart from imported data

Build with data and automation

Generate org charts automatically from CSV imports, use a customizable template, or build from scratch. Improve transparency and decision-making with data overlays.

A conceptual image showing an org chart with the shapes menu open on the Lucidchart canvas

Optimize your org structure

Streamline team reorganization by easily dragging, dropping, testing, and sharing new structures. Elevate optimization with collaboration and versioning.

A conceptual image showing Visual Activities, a diagram with swimlanes, and commenting in Lucidchart

Align Agile teams with strategic initiatives

Optimize Scrum team dynamics. Use Visual Activities and more to align roles, prep for sprints, and empower teams for seamless transitions within Agile frameworks.

A conceptual image showing project planning being organized by quarter and by team in Lucidchart

Gain organizational clarity

Create a dynamic blueprint of your business structure, then use data overlays to envision the future by identifying skills gaps, implementing talent development programs, and more.

Features for visualizing org structures

Data linking

Enhance accuracy by linking visualizations to data within Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV files.

Revision history

Collaborate confidently—view changes, revert to prior versions, and ensure charts are up to date.

Group view

Use group view to visualize employees within Scrum teams without impacting reporting structures.


Set passcodes and expiration links to ensure documents are protected. Monitor who accesses docs and when.


Add layers to visualizations for multiple levels, distinct visibility controls, and hierarchy management.

Data imports

Generate org charts automatically by importing HR data from integrated apps like BambooHR.

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Visualize your org and Agile teams with Lucidchart

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