Create process maps and flowcharts

Build collaboratively with your team. Use Lucidchart to document complex systems and processes, define next steps, and create a single source of truth.

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The perfect toolkit for visualizing your business

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Simplify process design

Create and collaborate on diagrams within a user-friendly interface. Streamline workflows by enabling integrations with leading apps like Google Workspace and Salesforce.

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Optimize every process

Bring your team together for collaborative decision-making focused on strategic improvements. Leverage conditional formatting and specialized shape libraries for process optimization. 

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Diagram with ease

Use Lucidchart’s intuitive styles to create personalized, visually appealing charts that enhance team understanding and clarity—regardless of your chart-making experience.

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Adjust on the fly

Edit diagrams in Lucidchart without leaving the canvas. Drag and drop shapes into your flowcharts, and quickly format and modify shapes with one click.

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Create AI-powered flowcharts

Use AI within Lucidchart to effortlessly transform your text-based prompts into flowcharts. Increase visual clarity and refine your workflows while saving time in the process.

Features for creating process maps and flowcharts

Conditional formatting

Real-time collaboration

Data linking


Revision history

Generate diagram

Conditional formatting

Transform data by visually highlighting patterns and insights for quick comprehension at a glance.

    Real-time collaboration

    Streamline work by enabling multiple collaborators to create and edit the same diagram at once.

      Data linking

      Create accurate diagrams faster by linking shapes to data from Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV files.


        Add layers to visualizations for multiple levels, distinct visibility controls, and streamlined editing.

          Revision history

          Collaborate confidently—view changes, revert to prior versions, and ensure diagrams are up to date.

            Generate diagram

            Transform text prompts into dynamic flowcharts with real-time edits and customization.

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              Creating a single source of truth

              Build a central repository for your teams’ documents, data, and information. 

              Create process maps and flowcharts with Lucidchart

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