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According to CSO Insights’ 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report, the win rate for companies who say their account planning needs “major redesign” is 47.4%. The win rate for companies who say their account planning “exceeds expectations” is 62%. 

That’s a big difference. So how can you elevate your account planning to increase your win rate? One answer to that question: leverage your CRM data effectively.

Your CRM holds crucial information that absolutely needs to be part of your account plan. But you’re likely wasting hours digging through Salesforce records to find the data you need rather than actually doing something with it. The sheer amount of information available can be overwhelming and prevent you from focusing on the pieces that matter most. With Lucidchart, you can import your Salesforce data to create an actionable, organized view that lives in a central location. 

We’ve talked about how you can easily create account maps that help you understand the players involved in a deal and the relationships between them. These maps are key components of a well-executed account plan, and we’re introducing new features to help you continue to build out your plan with the crucial data from your CRM: Smart Fields and Smart Tables. 

Do more with your Salesforce data

Smart Fields and Smart Tables allow you to populate account and opportunity data from Salesforce in Lucidchart, instantly providing a high-level overview of individual accounts.

Once you’ve imported your Salesforce data, you can pull Smart Fields directly onto the Lucidchart canvas to automatically populate details on an account and its specific opportunities. Thanks to our bidirectional sync, any updates made in Salesforce will automatically be reflected in Lucidchart, and vice versa. 

Smart Fields

You can also create a Smart Table by bringing in tabular Salesforce data to quickly see important details about account or opportunity contacts, such as name, email, notes, LinkedIn profile, etc. 

Smart Tables

For a step-by-step guide to creating Smart Tables and Smart Fields, check out this article

Standardize account planning

Smart Tables and Smart Fields allow sales leadership and sales ops to create consistency in account plans across the org. Admins can include Smart Fields and Smart Tables in the account planning template for their org, easily designating what data they want captured in their account plans. 

When you add Salesforce object fields to a new or existing template, the fields will automatically populate with respective data every time the template is used by a rep. When you add a Smart Table to a new or existing template, the table is pre-populated and filtered to the desired view when a new account planning document is opened. 

As a result, sales leaders can ensure the right information is included in each and every account plan, helping reps focus on the most important Salesforce data. These account plans can also guide deal reviews, helping everyone come up to speed on an account quickly. In addition, these standardized plans simplify the transferring of accounts between reps, helping you successfully scale your sales team. 

Simplify the process

The easier you make account planning, the more likely reps will actually participate in the activity. Smart Fields and Smart Tables simplify the process. Rather than dragging and dropping individual pieces of information onto the canvas or copying and pasting from Salesforce, reps can save time by bringing in account and opportunity data all at once. And if reps use an account plan template customized by their admin, they don’t even need to think about what details to bring in—their specific account or opportunity information is automatically pre-populated. 

Reps can instantly access key account or opportunity data rather than wasting precious time wading through the depths of Salesforce. Without ever leaving Lucidchart, reps can see all the details they need to work a deal and determine the best path of sale, eliminating data silos and creating a single source of truth.

Forecast more accurately 

Smart Fields and Smart Tables allow anyone to quickly see a high-level overview of an account and assess its health and status. This perspective helps sales leaders more accurately forecast pipeline, as they can quickly evaluate where any given deal stands and determine its potential. And they can do all of this without bothering reps for information and updates. 

See more, know more, sell more by making the most of your CRM data with Lucidchart. Ready to get started? Sign up for an account now, or if you’re already using Lucidchart, check out this template.

account plan template
Account plan template (Click on image to modify online)


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