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We've been hard at work for the last few months and today we're pleased to announce the release of Lucidchart 2.0. We analyzed every click, rethought every feature and icon, and read every one of your comments. What has resulted is an even smoother experience that further distances Lucidchart from all other online diagramming and drawing applications in terms of usability, speed, stability, and overall performance.

You'll find a veritable smorgasbord of new features, including:

  • a completely redesigned user interface;
  • many more shapes (with more to come soon);
  • the ability to drag an image file directly from your computer right onto your diagram;
  • new formatting features that make it easier to style large portions of your diagram quickly;
  • enhanced sharing features that allow you to share your diagrams on popular social media sites and with collaborators with greater ease;
  • a library of pre-made templates;
  • a new website with diagram examples and video tutorials;
  • a whole host of improvements for stability, reliability, and speed

...and much more.  Thank you for being some of the first to adopt Lucidchart, the canvas for the world's ideas.