Lucidchart for K-12 teachers & students

Use Lucidchart in the classroom to create flowcharts, mind maps, graphic organizers and other diagrams. Enable students to easily collaborate on group projects.

Who is using Lucidchart?

Lucidchart has become an integral part of the classroom in hundreds of schools around the world. Because our Educational accounts can scale to all sizes, it can work for a class of 5 students or an entire school district of 10,000. Explore some of the disciplines in the menu to the left to learn how and why others are using Lucidchart.

How much does Lucidchart cost?

With decreasing school budgets, many public schools are looking for cost-effective alternatives to expensive desktop software packages like Inspiration. We are pleased to offer Lucidchart free of charge to K-12 public schools. These educational accounts are the equivalent of our Team accounts and come equipped with all the premium features.

How do I request an upgrade?

First sign up for a free Lucidchart account with your educational email address and then request an upgrade below. Please allow up to one day for your request to be processed.

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