Lucidchart for science teachers

Science teachers are using Lucidchart to help students master difficult concepts and prepare for projects and experiments.

How do science departments use Lucidchart?

Lucidchart offers tools that will help your students excel. First, as a teacher, you can create flowcharts that make difficult science concepts easier for students to understand by making a clear visual to illustrate the topic. Illustrate processes like the Krebs Cycle, scientific method, and development of the atomic model.

Create diagrams that simplify labs by detailing the set-up and procedure, and allow your students to benefit from the tools Lucidchart offers by creating mind maps, or planning for projects.

Which features does Lucidchart offer?

Lucidchart’s intuitive user interface makes diagramming easy for students. The wide variety of shapes available and the ability to upload your own images enable you and your students to create a wide variety of charts and diagrams.

The collaboration within Lucidchart is ideal for group projects since students can work together anytime, from anywhere. Also, once students have completed work, it is easy to publish their documents in a number of different formats to include in reports or presentations.

How much does Lucidchart cost?

Lucidchart is currently offering free educational licenses to accredited educational institutions.

Faculty and teachers, simply use this form to request a group account for your classes.

Students, please ask a faculty member to make the request for you and your classmates.

“I've been amazed at the range of versatility and functionality on Lucidchart. With the ability to make links to pages within the document as well as to external online pages, you can make very effective, interactive, and informative presentations and diagrams.”

– Doug, Molecular Biology student