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Get the right people managing licenses and gain valuable insight into license allocation and budgeting

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Group adminsGroups provisioningLicense allotments and bill back

Group admins

Streamline your Lucidchart account management by getting the right people on the job. Assign users as group admins and grant license management capabilities like editing user profiles and responding to license requests from limited-access users, to those who need it while keeping other team admin capabilities, like settings and security, centralized. No matter how your company is set up, effectively manage your licenses across teams, departments, offices, or business units. 

Groups provisioning

Automate group creation and provisioning to save time and resources. You can easily manage Lucidchart groups in Okta and OneLogin with SCIM, eliminating duplicative work by pushing existing group structures straight into Lucidchart and syncing updates you make across your IdP. Or create and assign groups en masse through CSV import.

License allotments and bill back

Team admins can set a quantity of licenses available to primary groups that can be managed by the group admin. Keep a detailed breakdown of how many licenses are used in each group, making it easier to bill back to the appropriate business unit. Instant insight into the cost specifics that help you make informed decisions. 


The initial momentum behind Lucidchart actually came from the user community.

Pearson used the flexibility of Lucid technology to provide a domain-wide platform for collaboration. Employees support larger goals by using Lucidchart as the place of record for creating, sharing, and publishing important charts.

Manage team licenses easily with Lucidchart

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