Lucidchart Key Management Service

Increase document security by controlling your own encryption key.

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Maintain control over your data

Feel confident creating any document in Lucidchart, including documents that contain sensitive data. With our Key Management Service (KMS), Lucidchart customers can control their own encryption keys to add an additional level of security.

Leverage industry-leading solutions

Lucidchart uses AWS Key Management Services (KMS) and AWS Cloud-based Hardware Security Module (CloudHSM) to generate and store your encryption keys. With these services, you’ll receive increased security with the same reliable performance and speed you’ve come to expect from Lucidchart.

How it works

Encrypted Documents

Document encrypted with customer-specific key

Lucidchart encrypts all documents with a customer-specific key as a first layer of security.

Lucidchart Encryption Keys

Customer-specific key encrypted with customer's master key

Add an extra layer of security with no impact on usability or speed.

Lucidchart Customer Key Storage

Master key stored in KMS or HSM

Lucidchart can never see or access your encryption keys—you’re always in complete control of your documents.

Lucidchart key audit log

Audit log updated

An immutable audit log tracks and preserves each and every use of your encryption keys.

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