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Document sharing

Lucidchart provides several options for sharing documents; however, with an Enterprise account, you get to decide which options your employees can use. From the admin panel, choose whether employees can share Lucidchart documents on social networks, publish documents to web pages, and generate access links for public document sharing. You can better protect company assets when you know how they’re being distributed.

Domain restrictions

An Enterprise account also allows you to choose whom employees share their documents with. You can choose to restrict sharing by domain—simply restrict access to only allowed IPs domains in the admin panel.

Domain control

With domain control, new Lucidchart users at your organization are automatically placed under a single Enterprise account that you control. They will be held to the same sharing and publishing restrictions you have established with that account, providing additional security and protection of proprietary information.


The initial momentum behind Lucidchart actually came from the user community.

Pearson used the flexibility of Lucid technology to provide a domain-wide platform for collaboration. Employees support larger goals by using Lucidchart as the place of record for creating, sharing, and publishing important charts.

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