• Printable flowchart templates

    Printing your flowchart should be easy. Lucidchart formats documents for easy printing to one or more pages, so sharing flowcharts is headache-free.

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  • Flowchart templates for Word

    Lucidchart is newly integrated with Microsoft Word 2013 for seamless insertion of flowcharts and other diagrams.

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Better than PowerPoint

When you need a visual communication platform that people actually like, choose Lucidchart. Our real-time collaboration and ease of use will convert your team to fans.

Other templates available

If flowcharts are just the start of your diagramming needs, you'll be happy to know that we offer a variety of other diagram templates: Venn diagrams, mind maps, BPMN, ER diagrams, UML diagrams, and more.

Flow chart templates for Mac

Lucidchart is based on HTML5 and open web standards, so it's device-independent. Prepare to be impressed with our seamless software for Mac.

Do more with templates

Click the Create button to access our flowchart templates and easily add cool features like hot spots, states, and demo mode. You can even turn any file into a shareable template.