• Open Visio files without Visio

    It may seem impossible to open Visio files without owning Microsoft Visio software, but it can be done! Just use Lucidchart's free browser viewers or upload Visio files for a read-only view.

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  • Open Visio files instantly

    There's no need to download any software or deal with the pains of installation. For work, school, or personal use, Lucidchart is a fast, online Visio alternative.

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Free Visio browser viewers

Whether you prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can utilize our free browser-based viewers for Microsoft Visio files. It's as simple as downloading the extension; after that, open Visio files from Gmail or anywhere else on the web. Check out this page to learn more about opening Visio files at no cost.

Visio files in Confluence & Box

Our engineers are dedicated to providing great alternatives to Visio in the browser. If your company uses Atlassian Confluence to collaborate, just click the “View Visio Files” button to enable our plugin. Lucidchart is also integrated with Box for a simple and free way to view MS Visio files. You’re welcome!

Reading and converting files

We all know how pricey Visio can be. Keep your wallet happy by opening files from Microsoft Visio 2007, 2010, or 2013 in Lucidchart. To do so, simply register for an account and import the document. This will give you read-only access to the chart; to convert it to another file type, see this page on how to convert Visio to PDF.

Incredible fidelity for a range of file types

If you’ve tried our Visio import options before and been dissatisfied, you be pleasantly surprised by our recent improvements. We’ve focused on the fidelity of file imports, so your diagram will look crisp, clear, and true to its original format. Try uploading any Visio file for free, including .vsd, .vdx, .vsdx, and .vss (for Visio stencils). For .vdx export, upgrade to a premium account—Lucidchart has enough options to satisfy any legacy user!

Explore more shape libraries

Engineers, students, and business people alike find value in our extensive shape libraries. Whether your team is creating org charts, UML diagrams, value stream maps, process flows, wireframes, or other types of diagrams, the innovative technology will help you create a great-looking product that's quick to produce. Try it and see for yourself!