Lucidchart for iOS

Need to make diagrams on your iPad or iPhone? Our intuitive app lets you work on any device and automatically syncs your files so you can easily switch between your iPhone, iPad, laptop, and desktop computer.

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Optimized for a cross-platform experience

Our iOS app works side by side with our web app, so the diagrams you create or edit on your mobile device appear instantly when you log into Lucidchart in the browser. You can even collaborate on a shared document in real-time!

Feature highlights

Our app is immediately intuitive—skip the learning curve and just get started.

Nothing to install

Team editing

As with our desktop application, real-time collaboration with colleagues is a breeze. Invite an unlimited number of users to view, comment on, or edit your diagrams. Changes will sync instantly.

Drag and Drop

Easy interface

Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the entire experience. For example, line drawing is as easy as dragging from the edge of an object with your finger or stylus. Let go and a new shape instantly pops up.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

We’re here when you need us. Drop by our forums or send us an email and we’ll get your questions answered quickly. Our goal is to keep you charting productively and efficiently.

Simple scalability

Scalable solution

From a partnership of 2 to an organization of 200,000, Lucidchart is engineered to meet your needs and grow with you. Single sign-on authentication and 256-bit encryption make this a safe, effective choice for teams.

Incredibly affordable

Switching to Lucidchart saves time and money.

Replace Visio with Lucidchart

Replace expensive Visio licenses

Lucidchart provides value and savings unmatched by Microsoft Visio—from greater efficiency, to deeper collaboration, to drastically lower subscription costs. Now you can outfit your entire department with Lucidchart for a fraction of the cost of Visio.

Maintence and support on us

Maintenance and support on us

Because maintenance and support take place on our end, your IT staff can breathe easy and focus on other priorities. Say goodbye to the wrestle with compatibility issues, desktop installations, and version updates.