• Visio freeware

    Visio freeware

    Microsoft Visio too expensive for your needs? Or simply
    looking for a better experience? Lucidchart provides an
    free online solution that just makes sense.

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Inexpensive alternative

As a Visio freeware alternative, Lucidchart provides a free option, which is ideal for users drawing quick and simple visuals.

For teams that need a full diagramming package, Lucidchart is less expensive and affords a superior experience.

Fast and flexible

Lucidchart offers the essential functionality of Visio but with a simpler experience that makes it accessible for all users.

Creating the same diagram in Lucidchart requires fewer steps and less effort. Draw complex diagrams without a complicated application.

Designed for teams

Unlike Visio, Lucidchart is built for teams with its online sharing and collaboration. No more back and forth through e-mail.

Gather the team online to work on a document. When one person makes a change, everyone else sees it in real time.

Online software

Lucidchart doesn't require any downloads or installs. Click "Try it now" and start drawing in the application immediately.

When you register, migrate existing documents to the cloud with the Visio import tool, then edit from anywhere.