• Visio freeware

    Visio freeware

    Microsoft Visio too expensive for your needs? Or simply looking for a better experience? Lucidchart provides a free online solution that just makes sense.

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Inexpensive alternative

As a Visio freeware alternative, Lucidchart provides a free option, which is ideal for users drawing quick and simple visuals.

For teams that need a full diagramming package, Lucidchart is less expensive and provides a superior experience.

Fast and flexible

Lucidchart offers the essential functionality of Visio but with a simpler experience that makes it accessible for all users.

Creating the same diagram in Lucidchart requires fewer steps and less effort. Draw complex diagrams without a complicated application.

Designed for teams

Unlike Visio, Lucidchart is built for teams with its online sharing and collaboration. No more back and forth through e-mail.

Gather the team online to work on a document. When one person makes a change, everyone else sees it in real time.

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