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Visio import and export

Microsoft Visio documents: import and export

We’re pleased to be the first online diagramming application to offer these convenient features to our users. It's now easier than ever to transition your work to the cloud. Sign up for a free account now to get started on your Visio files.

Review this page to understand how simple it is to migrate from Visio. With just a couple clicks, you can leave your desktop software behind and enjoy a sleeker, more intuitive solution.

Save Visio document

How do I import documents from Visio?

Currently Lucidchart imports Visio documents stored in VDX, VSD, or VSDX file extension formats. Documents in this format will have .vdx, .vsd, or .vsdx at the end of the file extension (e.g. diagram.vdx).

Import Visio documents

Importing Visio files from MS Visio 2007, 2010, or 2013:

To begin importing Visio files:

  1. Log in to your Lucidchart account
  2. Click File > Import on your Documents page
  3. Select a Visio file (.vdx, .vsd, or .vsdx) from your computer
  4. Wait for the document to import and open in Lucidchart
Export Visio documents

How do I export documents to Visio?

To export a Lucidchart document in Visio’s VDX format:

  1. Open the Lucidchart document
  2. Select File > Download As
  3. Choose “Visio (VDX)” and download