An unlabeled example of a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram

Visio BPMN Stencil and Templates

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Lucidchart provides BPMN stencils and templates that are Visio compatible. Check out what you can do within Lucidchart and utilize our built-in Visio import/export feature when you sign up for free.

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Would you like to create a BPMN diagram? Test Lucidchart - fast, easy, free.

Creating a BPMN Model

Visio BPMN templates

Switching from Visio to Lucidchart is easy. You can open and read any Visio file in Lucidchart completely free. If you sign up for a Pro account, you can also download files in Visio format. You’ll find that Lucidchart has many advantages over Visio, like the ability to work together on documents in real-time. And even if you purchase a Pro version, Lucidchart is still significantly cheaper than the cost of a Visio account. Try it free for yourself by selecting one of the BPMN template links.


BPMN leave request example

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is valuable for capturing a variety of business use cases. This particular template shows how a leave request is transferred between departments.

visio bpmn template Click to Demo and Modify


BPMN payment process example

One use for BPMN is describing finance-related workflows. This template shows how a payment process moves through an organization. It’s a basic example, but it can easily be expanded upon.

Click to Demo and Modify


BPMN client application example

Click here for a diagram that illustrates the steps taken to review and process a client application. With Lucidchart, it’s easy to swap out colors, add additional shapes and text, and alter line formats.

Click to Demo and Modify

Additional Resources

Lucidchart is the leading Visio alternative and is built with import/export features so you can continue to work on your Visio documents directly in Lucidchart without interruption with the option to save your work as Visio files. Lucidchart is easier to use, more affordable and works on Mac, PC, or Linux. Try it for yourself today!

Would you like to create a BPMN diagram? Test Lucidchart - fast, easy, free.

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