• Visio linux alternative

    Visio® Linux Alternative

    If you're searching for a Visio® Linux alternative, Lucidchart is exactly what you've been looking for. It works right in your browser!

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  • free Visio alternative

    Visio® Alternative for Linux

    Lucidchart runs separately from the operating system, so it's a perfect Visio® alternative for Linux. Upgrades are constant and pain-free.

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Linux Visio® alternative

Linux doesn't support Visio® software, so there are few diagramming applications for Linux users to choose from. Lucidchart is the one option that allows you to import, edit, and export Visio® files.

Now you can use Linux even in a Windows-dominated work environment.

Business integrations

Diagramming with Lucidchart is a seamless experience on G Suite domains and Google Drive. Access your files securely with Google authentication and never worry about a password again.

Lucidchart is also integrated with other popular business applications, including Confluence, JIRA, and Jive.

Best value

Choosing Lucidchart will save you both time and money. Finally, you can avoid the hassle of setting up a Windows virtual machine just to run Visio® on your Linux OS.

Features like real-time collaboration and thoughtful integration with daily tools make Lucidchart the perfect diagramming choice.


Because Lucidchart runs within the browser, you'll have a world-class collaboration experience whether you're working with fellow Linux users, Mac colleagues, or Windows stalwarts.

Don't waste another minute on platform compatibility issues. Try Lucidchart today for free.