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    Mac Visio Viewer

    Lucidchart is a great way to view Visio files on a Mac. You can view Visio files in read-only mode, or you can sign up for an account and edit files in your browser.

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    Visio Viewer Mac

    Lucidchart is the best web application for viewing Visio files on a Mac. You can view them online in your browser. We support multiple formats.

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Hassle Free

As a Mac user, you have gotten used to an excellent user experience. Lucidchart continues that great design and user experience to an online browser-based program. You don't need to have Visio installed to open a Visio file. With a Lucidchart account, you're a couple clicks away from reading your VIsio file on your Mac.

View Visio Files on your Mac

There are very few things that you can't do on a Mac, but Microsoft Visio has frustrated many engineers and IT professionals who want to make the migration from a PC to a Mac. Lucidchart allows you to open many different Visio formats (including stencils).

No Download needed

A search online for a "visio viewer for mac" results in a lot of programs that are potentially malware. Lucidchart never makes you download anything to your local machine and gets you into the program in a couple clicks. The trial is free, and you can use the viewer in read-only mode for free too.

More sophisticated experience

Real-time collaboration allows you to see where and when others are making changes. You can apply custom themes and export a diagram to Visio format or you can share it online. Lucidchart goes beyond Visio, allowing you to customize color, font size and styling.

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