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Encourage visual learning with flowcharts, graphic organizers, and diagrams when you upgrade your entire class, or your entire school, to a single account.

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Lucidchart EDU Premium makes your job easier by providing powerful yet simple admin functionality. With enterprise-level security, increased storage, and a committed support team, you can easily take advantage of the power of visual learning.

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EDU Premium
User limit
Document Limit
Object limit per document
Storage space
100 MB
Compatible OS
PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook
PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook
Free EDU
EDU Premium
Shape libraries
Advanced (iOS, Android, wireframes, timelines, mind maps)
Advanced (iOS, Android, wireframes, timelines, mind maps)
Presentation mode
Visio, Gliffy, & Omnigraffle import
Links, layers & hotspots
Revision history
Team templates & image libraries
Consolidation of users
Document retention
Advanced sharing & publishing control
Google Apps management
Google Apps for domains
Google SSO
Product Support
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EDU Premium
Success program
Phone support
Email support
Free EDU
EDU Premium

The superior learning solution

Sleek admin interface

Organize users into teams for a more collaborative experience using our intuitive admin interface. From one central location, you can manage users, integrations, privacy settings, and more. You can even create team templates and image libraries to customize your diagrams.

Fully integrated

You can integrate all Lucid products with Google across your entire domain. If you already use G Suite for Education or Google Classroom, enable Google SSO, and you’ll be able to create and manage assets from the interface you’re familiar with.

Google Classroom

Increased security

EDU Premium includes the security we typically reserve for our business clients. Control collaboration with advanced sharing and publishing control, password-protect your documents, and manage your SSO integrations.

More storage

EDU Premium offers four times the storage of a standard EDU account. Save more assignments, more images, and more videos.

Dedicated support

Rely on a knowledgeable customer success manager to best implement Lucidchart in your district and to provide support anytime you run into a question or problem.

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