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Make informed, strategic decisions as you gather requirements and build a compelling case with Lucidchart’s intuitive business analysis tools.

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99% of the Fortune 500 trust Lucidchart to keep teams on the same page.

Business Analysis Software

Use Lucidchart to clearly convey existing business situations and present possible solutions to decision makers and stakeholders. Our business analysis software allows you to quickly create polished visuals on any platform or device.

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mind map

Make smart decisions faster

Build SWOT diagrams, mind maps, Venn diagrams, and business model canvases in Lucidchart to brainstorm and evaluate solutions to business problems. Our business analysis tools help you analyze information, systems, and processes to reach smarter decisions faster.
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gain buy-in

Gain buy-in to move forward

Once you have a clearly defined solution, you need all involved stakeholders on board in order to take the next step. Create compelling visuals with our easy-to-use business analysis software that will impress your audience and facilitate understanding and approval.
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communicate requirements

Clearly communicate requirements

As you move forward with a solution, use visual documentation to make it easy for all involved to understand requirements. Build process diagrams, workflows, wireframes, and system diagrams with our BA software that you can share with colleagues to keep everyone on the same page. Start from scratch or choose one of our free templates.
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Business Analysis with Lucidchart

Lucidchart offers the simplicity, collaboration, and powerful functionality you need to solve problems quickly.

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    Share with anyone

    Collaborate in real time with your entire team using Lucidchart’s business analysis tools. Share diagrams and choose whether collaborators can view, comment on, or edit them.
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    Integrate with other tools

    Use Lucidchart with the applications you already know and love. Our platform integrates with G Suite, Microsoft Office, Confluence, Jira Software, and other apps so you can include visuals in existing documentation and make them easily accessible for the entire organization.
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    Work from anywhere

    Our web-based business analysis software allows you to build and access documents from any browser on any device. You can even diagram on the go with our iOS and Android apps. Access, edit, and share your documents anytime, anywhere.
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    Automate your work

    Let Lucidchart do the work for you. Our advanced functionality allows you to import AWS infrastructure, generate UML sequence diagrams from text markup, and connect Lucidchart shapes to live data to seamlessly create powerful visuals.
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