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Optimize project management with the critical path method

  • Create a CPM chart to visualize and scope project tasks

    Create a CPM chart to visualize and scope project tasks

    The critical path method is a standard technique used to identify and schedule the sequence of critical tasks and events that determine the duration and completion of a project. A clearly outlined critical path lets project managers and stakeholders efficiently manage expectations and deadlines from the outset of the project. Use our critical path generator to easily envision your entire project outline. You can calculate time durations, determine the importance of individual tasks, and compare planned and actual progress of your project through completion.

  • Add formulas to shapes for an automated critical path experience

    Add formulas to shapes for an automated critical path experience

    Lucidchart’s intuitive diagramming features, customizable templates, and easy-to-use formulas support a more innovative approach to project management. Our CPM software lets project managers visualize and measure progress at a glance with automatically updated dates and task durations. Save yourself the time and hassle of updating your entire critical path diagram, also known as a project network diagram, manually. Add formulas and custom data fields to shapes that will update proceeding values in real time based on changes you make in any location of your project flow. 

  • Collaborate and share to create universal understanding amongst stakeholders

    Collaborate and share to create universal understanding amongst stakeholders

    No other critical path method software lets project managers instantly communicate project expectations and task ownership to your entire team. Easily update your diagram to adjust to project developments or reflect newly forecasted needs—you never need to worry about missing revisions, feedback, or updates. Share your critical path analysis with team members and stakeholders with the appropriate access level to allow your collaborators to track progress and stay updated on project changes as they occur. 

  • Share your database diagram for fast feedback

    Access, edit, and share your CPM chart using powerful integrations

    Communicate your project plan easily when you insert your critical path analysis directly into the apps your team already uses. Lucidchart is fully integrated with many of today’s most popular apps, including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, and Slack, so your CPM chart can be easily added to any document, spreadsheet, or slideshow presentation. With your diagram as a reference point, you can make sure your team is constantly aligned on project goals and updates within Confluence wiki pages, Jira tickets, Microsoft Teams conversations, and more.

How to use critical path method with Lucidchart

  1. Select a project network diagram template or start from scratch

    Start your diagram with a template or use default flowchart shapes to visualize your critical path from scratch.

  2. Add project milestones and connect them in sequential order

    Add individual project milestones to your timeline in the order they occur. Use arrows to indicate the activity connecting each milestone.

  3. Specify the estimated time for each activity

    When activities and milestones are in proper order, go back to each activity (arrow) and designate the estimated time it should take to complete the activity, usually by the number of days.

  4. Determine the critical path and adjust

    Evaluate your estimated completion dates for each individual task and determine the critical path that leads to project completion. Consider paths that show the longest durations or the longest sequence of activities.

  5. Update the critical paths as needed and share

    Make adjustments to your critical path as needed to improve completion times or include new info as it emerges. When you have a realistic view of the project due date, share your CPM chart with stakeholders to ensure accuracy and universal understanding of expectations.

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