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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

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HR software to optimize your org and improve processes

  • Visualize your organization outside of traditional org charts

    Visualize your organization outside of traditional org charts

    Most modern organizations no longer fit the traditional hierarchical structure, so why does most human resources software limit org charts to a restrictive top-down construction? With Lucidchart, you can easily see beyond conventional structures to visualize the cross-functionality of various teams and employees. Our HR software can help you gain actionable insights into your org by applying conditional formatting, filtering employees, implementing group views, and much more.

  • Use group views to visualize and create teams

    Use group views to visualize and create teams

    Group view allows you to see non-hierarchical relationships in your org charts by segmenting employees into groups based on location, project team, title, and other criteria. Use group view in our HR management software to see a specific group of employees that might be hard to pick out from a top-down structure—or to organize project teams by dragging and dropping unassigned employees into a team. However you use it, the flexibility of group view lets you visualize the relationships that are important to your organization.

  • Overlay your org charts with employee data

    Overlay your org charts with employee data

    Most org charts contain basic info like name, title, and department—now you can integrate more detailed information into your chart when you need it. With data overlay, you can view information from multiple data sets by connecting additional spreadsheets to your original org chart. Easily highlight information like employee salaries, performance review scores, or any other data you need to create a clearer, more effective visualization than you could with spreadsheets alone.

  • Focus on the information that matters most

    Focus on the information that matters most

    Lucidchart lets you find, sort, and highlight the information in your org chart better and faster than any other online HR software. Our one-click filters give you the power to segment your employees by department, location, experience level, and other factors. With conditional formatting, you can color-code or add icons based on critical employee metrics to more easily see trends and identify gaps. These quick insights can help you evaluate compensation, track employee retention and performance, and scale your business with the right people.

  • Map out HR processes quickly with advanced features

    Map out HR processes quickly with advanced features

    To run an effective HR department, you need to map out processes in a way that helps others understand and implement them quickly and effectively. Our HR software provides the tools you need to build out processes clearly, whether you’re focused on human resource planning, recruiting, screening, onboarding, or virtually any other procedure. Getting started is easy when you select one of our HR templates or drag, drop, and style shapes using our intuitive editor and intelligent formatting features.

  • Create a centralized hub for all of your processes

    Create a centralized hub for all of your processes

    Lucidchart makes it easy to create a single source of truth that employees can use to quickly reference all of your HR processes. With Lucidchart, you can create overarching process flows for procedures like recruiting, which include specific steps like screening and interviewing. Then, create links to each individual step for a more detailed overview. Using your centralized hub with all of your process flows, you can drive adoption throughout your organization and make sure everyone is on the same page.

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