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Plan and organize projects faster with our PERT chart software

  • Forecast and communicate the scope of your project

    Forecast and communicate the scope of your project

    A PERT chart, based on the Project Evaluation Review Technique, is a project management tool used to visualize a project’s key milestones and overall timeline. PERT diagrams provide project managers with a realistic idea for how long each stage of their project will take to complete, including the estimated shortest, longest, and most probable timelines for each. Our intuitive PERT chart creator lets you build concise visuals that help you plan, schedule, and coordinate tasks within your project for optimal results.

  • Select from hundreds of project management templates

    Select from hundreds of project management templates

    In Lucidchart, you can easily create PERT charts online from scratch using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. But if you’re new to PERT charts or looking for inspiration to better manage projects, our template gallery houses hundreds of examples to get you started. Our PERT chart maker can also provide you with the templates and tools you need to turn your initial PERT diagrams into Gantt charts, Kanban boards, flowcharts, scrum boards, and more as your project evolves.

  • Save time with user-friendly diagramming and formatting tools

    Save time with user-friendly diagramming and formatting tools

    PERT charts should save you time, not consume it. Our easy-to-use PERT chart software ensures that you’re able to build your project management visuals quickly and simply. With drag-and-drop shapes, dynamic shape libraries, and time-saving formatting tools, you can create effective, professional PERT charts and other project management diagrams in minutes. When you add custom data or link data from any spreadsheet file, you can also apply formulas to help you calculate timelines and outcomes.

  • Share your database diagram for fast feedback

    Leverage powerful integrations to promote cooperation and clarity

    Our PERT chart generator is fully integrated with the applications you and your team already know and use, like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Confluence, Slack, and more. With powerful integrations, you can insert your PERT diagram and other visuals directly into your preferred platform for added visibility and seamless collaboration. With your whole team on the same page, you can ensure that everyone understands your project’s time constraints, resource availability, and potential areas of risk.

How to make a PERT chart

  1. Identify activities and milestones or your project

    List out all the tasks required to complete your project, as well as all-important dates involved. These individual tasks are your activities, and the due dates you have listed are called milestones.

  2. Draw out the sequence of the activities based on your milestones

    Start adding nodes for each of your milestones within your PERT chart. From there, use arrows to represent the activities necessary to be completed before the next milestone.

  3. Estimate the time required for each activity

    With all your activities connected between their designated milestones, revisit each activity (arrow) and specify the time it should take to complete the activity, usually by the number of days.

  4. Interpret timelines and determine the critical path

    With milestones and activity arrows in place, determine the earliest, latest, and most realistic completion dates for each milestone, highlighting the critical path that results in the overall project completion date.

  5. Make any updates and share with stakeholders

    With timelines and completion dates finalized in your PERT chart, share project expectations with teammates and project stakeholders, tracking progress to project completion.

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