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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

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Communicate complex processes with ease using our process mapping tools

  • Document and improve any plan or process

    Document and improve any plan or process

    Rather than waste your time writing out the important details of your processes, create a clear, easy-to-read visualization of your process using our process mapping software. With extensive shape libraries, customizable templates, and intuitive formatting tools, Lucidchart helps you create detailed process maps online that meet your team’s specific needs. Our organized visuals are the ideal tool for identifying waste and redundancies, creating shared understanding, and defining current processes to see what changes need to be made.

  • Collaborate in real time, no matter where your team is

    Collaborate in real time, no matter where your team is

    Lucidchart lets you collaborate with your stakeholders and team members in real time, even when working side-by-side isn’t an option. Work simultaneously with your team in the same document, with all of your edits updating instantly, so you never miss input from your team. Our process mapping software for Mac and PC makes device incompatibility a thing of the past, while our Lucidchart app for iOS and Android lets you create, edit, and share your diagram from anywhere, anytime.

  • Keep your team on the same page with presentation mode

    Keep your team on the same page with presentation mode

    Whether you’re looking to present a high-level overview of your process to executives or want to take a closer look at specific tasks with individual team members, our presentation mode has you covered. Easily switch from your canvas to our in-editor presentation mode to create clean, professional, and even interactive presentations in seconds. When you’re finished, switch back to our editor to continue analyzing, formatting, and improving your diagram with our process mapping tools.

  • Share your database diagram for fast feedback

    Insert your diagram in any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document

    Take your diagram from the Lucidchart editor to your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with our add-ins for Microsoft Office. Easily install individual add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to insert, share, and present your diagrams in any document. Our Microsoft Teams integration makes online process mapping easier than ever, letting you insert diagram conveniently into any Team tab. From there, you can view and edit your diagram without ever leaving the app.

  • Leverage your Google account to make diagramming easier

    Leverage your Google account to make diagramming easier

    Get even more out of your Google log-in with our online process map creator’s powerful integrations for G Suite. Our free add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to insert your diagrams into text-heavy documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows with a few easy clicks. With our Google Drive integration, you can access and store all of your Lucidchart diagrams alongside your other documents—and we’ll even back up and synchronize all your Lucidchart documents in your drive automatically.

How to create a process map

  1. Determine what process you want to map out

    Figure out the process you want to map out, and loop in those involved with executing the process as you gather information and start building your process map.

  2. Draw a baseline process map with each step included

    Drag and drop shapes onto your Lucidchart canvas for every step and arrange them in your desired order. Use lines to connect your steps with arrows indicating the process flow.

  3. Format and style

    Use containers and swimlanes to highlight concurrent tasks or specific roles in the process. You can also color-code specific shapes to make any steps more distinct.

  4. Analyze and share your diagram to identify areas for improvement

    Share your baseline process map with stakeholders to better identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your proposed process. Then use layers to create an improved process to deal with those inefficiencies.

  5. Implement, publish, and monitor improvements

    Once you’ve finalized your process, you can embed your process map for reference on Lucidchart-integrated platforms like Confluence, Jira, G Suite, and more. Make additional improvements as needed.

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