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A VSM software to visualize and optimize any process

  • Better understand the flow of production and information

    Better understand the flow of production and information

    A value stream map is a lean visual tool designed to represent the flow of material and information through the production process of a product or service. With roots in the manufacturing industry, a VSM can be used to demonstrate information and customer flow within business services, patient flows within healthcare, and so much more. With our value stream mapping software, you can upgrade your VSM from a static whiteboard visual to a living document using industry-standard shapes, templates, and an intuitive interface.

  • Add real value by eliminating waste and inefficiencies

    Add real value by eliminating waste and inefficiencies

    A well-constructed value stream map can create universal understanding regarding the ins and outs of your process. Once the details of your process are clearly laid out, you can easily identify value added and non-value added steps, including those that produce waste, create excess inventory, waste time, or lead to QA issues. Use our VSM software to illustrate interactions and flows, compare current and future states, and provide a common language for your team as you analyze and optimize your process. 

  • Collaborate across departments for maximum efficiency

    Collaborate across departments for maximum efficiency

    Traditionally created on whiteboards, value stream maps cover a significant amount of information and require collaboration from stakeholders across an entire organization. Lucidchart makes value stream mapping online a simpler, more inclusive process with its built-in collaborative functionality and by giving collaborators an always up-to-date version of the diagram. Use @mention comments, in-editor chat, and advanced sharing options to get instant feedback regarding your processes. Our cloud-based value stream mapping software means you can work from any operating system or device and see all of your updates in real time. 

  • Better understand the flow of production and information

    Instantly present your value stream map to any audience

    The benefit of value stream maps is their ability to convey large amounts of information at a glance. Share your VSM with employees, managers, and executives without ever leaving the editor with Lucidchart’s presentation mode. Use presentation mode to provide your audience with a clear and complete overview of your value stream and zero in on key steps and information within your process as needed. You can also import your entire presentation to Google Slides or PowerPoint for additional presenting options. 

  • Share your database diagram for fast feedback

    Work with, not against, your workflow with popular integrations

    Thanks to powerful integrations with today’s most popular collaborative platforms, Lucidchart lets you share your value stream map using the apps your team already loves. Our VSM software works seamlessly with G Suite, MS Office, Confluence, Slack, and more, giving you endless options for sharing your work. Easily embed your VSM into your favorite app to create an accessible reference for your team, manage editing privileges to prevent unwanted changes, and collect feedback from collaborators—without ever disrupting your team’s workflow.

How to start value stream mapping online

  1. Determine the scope of your value stream map

    Consider what type of analysis you wish to conduct with your VSM. You may be evaluating the entire process from raw materials to the final product or addressing a particular problem within your process.

  2. Map the steps of your process

    Record the individual steps of your process in data boxes on your map, with process data such as cycle time and changeover time at the bottom. Pay attention to how each step creates or detracts value from your process and how it meets established demands.

  3. Add inventory and wait times

    Connect the steps to show your entire process flow, adding solid lines for shipments, dotted arrows for material being pushed to the next stage, and triangles for inventory.

  4. Designate the direction of information flows

    To understand the general flow of information, analyze your value stream map for areas of flow vs. stagnation, push vs. pull, and level vs. erratic within your process.

  5. Create a timeline

    Within your value stream map, add a timeline with two levels: one showing the times for value added processes and one showing the times for non-value added processes. Analyze this data to improve the efficiency of your process.

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