Venn Diagram Maker

Drawing a Venn diagram in Lucidchart is easy and free. It only takes a few minutes to create a finished product with our online Venn diagram software.

Online Venn Diagram Generator

Venn Diagram Generator

Lucidchart comes equipped with all the right shapes available in your web browser, including those for two-, three-, and four-circle Venn diagrams. Just drag and drop to get started.

Venn diagram examples

It is easy to create Venn diagrams with Lucidchart's online Venn diagram maker. We offer examples of two circle, three circle, four circle, and five circle venn diagrams to help you get started on your project.

Venn Diagram Maker

Instant collaboration

Collaborate on your Venn diagram with another person or an entire team. Lucidchart allow collaborators to work alongside you, providing feedback and refining ideas.

User friendly

Our software won’t get in the way of your thinking. Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop editor and intuitive interface keep things simple and straightforward. You’ll never have to sacrifice quality, either.

Venn diagram feature highlights

With free educational accounts and helpful templates to get started, creating Venn diagrams online with Lucidchart just makes sense.

Drag and drop

Venn diagram templates

Using Lucidchart gives you access to Venn diagram templates that will help you get started drawing Venn diagrams right away. From there, you can adjust your circle size, as well as add color and context. Get your project done faster with Lucidchart!

Visio Import and Export

Free education accounts

Lucidchart offers free accounts to students and teachers with our Lucidchart for Education program. Introduce your whole classroom to our online Venn diagram software to make learning faster and more fun, without worrying about cost!

Google Drive

Publish and share

It only takes a moment to publish your Venn diagram online. Save it as an image to include in reports and presentations, or export as a printable Venn diagram. You can even create sleek presentations right in Lucidchart.

Share via print or digital

G Suite integrations

Our software seamlessly integrates with the other technology tools you rely on. With full integration with G Suite, Google Drive, and Google Docs, Lucidchart is the best tool for creating Venn diagrams on the web.

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