Lucidchart vs. Gliffy

Lucidchart and Gliffy are two of the most popular diagramming tools online. Here’s why we believe Lucidchart is the superior diagramming solution.

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A full-featured Gliffy alternative

Real-time collaboration 

Lucidchart allows you to easily work on your projects in a team environment.

Publish webpage
Share with collaborators
JS embed code 
Share as image
Publish PDF 
Community sharing
Social media sharing 
Google Apps

Lucidchart integrates with more vendors and only charges you once per account, no matter how many integrations an account uses.

Google Drive 
Microsoft Office 2013
Export options  
Visio (.vdx) 

Lucidchart allows you to export a partial selection of a document.

Google Drive 
Visio Support  
Import .vsd files (.vdx) 

Lucidchart supports more Visio elements than any of our competitors.

Import .vdx files
Export as .vdx files 
Import stencils 
UML shape libraries  
Class diagram

Lucidchart has more complete libraries and more shape libraries than anyone else.

Activity diagram
Sequence diagram
Use case diagram
Component diagram
Object diagram 
Deployment diagram
State machine diagram
Communication diagram
Mind maps  
Shortcut keys 
Auto layout 
Collapsible branches 
BPMN shape library  

Lucidchart has more complete libraries and more shape libraries than anyone else.

Connecting objects
Other Shape Libraries  

Lucidchart has more complete libraries and more shape libraries than anyone else.

ER diagrams
Network diagrams
Circuit diagrams 
Data flow 
Geometric shapes
iPad mockups 
Android mockups 
Org charts
UI mockups
Venn diagrams
Floor plans
Import Gliffy diagram

Gliffy import

Want to make the change to Lucidchart, but worried about losing your old Gliffy documents? Lucidchart now offers Gliffy import. Simply choose File > Import > Gliffy from the top menu bar to seamlessly upload your documents into our editor. You'll then be able to edit them with all of Lucidchart's unique advantages, outlined below.

More Features
Real-time collaboration

More collaboration

Lucidchart offers real-time collaboration, which means that you and your co-workers or clients can work on diagrams together at the same time and see each other's changes instantly.

More Features

More polished look

Lucidchart's vibrant colors and gradient options give you more design flexibility and clean, professional-looking charts. Compare our diagrams with Gliffy's and you will see a clear difference.

More Features

Which program is a better value for me?

When it comes to integrations (like Confluence and JIRA), Lucidchart is more affordable because you only pay for what you use. We offer free premium licenses to students and educators. We let you pay on a monthly OR yearly basis and you can cancel your account at any time. We think our software outperforms Gliffy, but don't take our word for it: Start a risk-free trial today and see the difference for yourself!

  • Privacy

    If you have a free account with Gliffy, all of your documents are available for anyone to view. Regardless of your account level, Lucidchart won't make your documents publicly available without permission.

  • Customized themes

    With Lucidchart, you can create consistent themes by picking a desired look and then applying it to every shape that you drag out. This saves you time and headaches. Gliffy lacks this feature.

  • Better libraries

    We have many libraries that Gliffy lacks, such as mockups for iOS 7, iPad, and Android devices. Lucidchart's libraries offer more extensive shapes and sub-sections.

  • Interactive wireframes

    Lucidchart makes it easy to simulate real website functionality. Switching to demo mode allows you to show clients both the appearance and the interactivity of their future website or application.

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