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When facing a tough decision, creating a decision tree to map out your choices can spark meaningful discussion and help you quantify your options. Make a tree diagram today with Lucidchart’s free decision tree tool.

Decision Tree Software

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Our easy-to-use tree diagram creator has all the shapes and formatting tools you need to go from initial choice to final, optimal outcome in less time than ever before. Start with a decision tree template or drag and drop shapes onto a blank canvas to get started.

Make a decision tree online

Lucidchart runs smoothly in any major browser, making it easy to create and access your decision trees wherever and whenever you like. Alternatively, you can log in on our iOS app to edit or refer to diagrams on the go.

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Creating a decision tree with your entire team

The more people involved in a decision, the more complex it becomes. Working together to create a decision tree can fuel essential communication between parties and prevent costly misunderstandings.

Online tree diagram tool

Instead of drawing a decision tree by hand, making it difficult to save, share, and update, create a tree diagram online for easy sharing and storage. Once you've finished, you can download or print it if desired.

Decision tree builder

Lucidchart has the shapes, formatting options, and simple controls you need to create a decision tree in no time.

Drag and drop

Decision tree examples

It’s easy to get started with one of our decision tree templates. Just add, remove and reposition shapes, editing text along the way. You can also change the color, size, alignment, line style, and much more.

Visio Import and Export

Using a decision tree

Anyone can create a decision tree with a free account. Later, you can upgrade for unlimited shapes, advanced shape libraries, and more. We even offer rock solid security and account management for large teams and enterprises.

Google Drive

Add-ons aplenty

Lucidchart is designed to work where you do, which is why we’ve built integrations with Google Drive, Atlassian apps, Slack, Microsoft Office, and more. It’s easier than ever to include helpful visuals in all aspects of your work.

Share via print or digital

Wide compatibility

You can import and export decision trees and other diagrams in a wide variety of formats, including Microsoft Visio. Plus, our web-based app runs smoothly on virtually any combination of machine, OS, and browser.

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