Visualize your value to customers

Save time. Lots of it. With Lucidchart, you can clearly and quickly communicate the value your product provides as you build customized solutions for potential customers. Templates, custom shapes, custom shape libraries, and automation features streamline the process of building network diagrams, flowcharts, and ER diagrams that can make the difference between deal and no deal.

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Lucidchart for Technical Sales

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Make the ROI clear

Lucidchart allows you to create professional diagrams that tell a powerful story about your product’s benefits. You can map out current processes with prospects in real time and then use layers and interactive buttons to easily show the added value between the current state and the future state you’re proposing.

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Share best practices and knowledge with your team

Create your own templates, custom shapes, and custom shape libraries to share across your entire team, using shared folders and integrations with Slack, Confluence, and other popular apps. Lucidchart becomes a repository for fellow sales engineers and teams implementing solutions after the deal is closed.

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Share documents the way your customers want them

With our powerful integrations, you can deliver visuals in the format your clients prefer. Use our G Suite and Microsoft Office integrations to easily embed diagrams into your documents or presentations. As proposals change, you can even update your diagrams directly within the application.

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Automate your work

Save even more time when you automatically visualize ERDs, AWS infrastructure, and UML diagrams in Lucidchart. Our import features turn your data into diagrams that are easy to understand and consume, and data linking provides clarity and visual context to complex solutions.

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Lucidchart diagrams inspire confidence with the customer. Remove that element of confusion, and people feel better about their decision.

Dan Marma, Cloud Enterprise Architect at Okta
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Start diagramming right away with one of the templates below. In Lucidchart, you can easily add in branded images and customize text and colors to create solutions for each customer.

Visualize your value to customers. Try Lucidchart today!

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