Bubble map example

A bubble map template helps describe content using different adjectives to visualize the main idea. Try our bubble map example for free!

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bubble map template

Visualize the main idea with a bubble map

When you’re trying to better understand a concept, visualization can help—and a bubble map could be the perfect tool. As a flexible alternative to the bubble chart, bubble maps can be used to visually describe concepts.

What is a bubble map?

A bubble map describes a subject using different adjectives to visualize the main idea, all represented by bubbles. You can use a bubble map to better understand a product, define a target audience, brainstorm solutions to a problem, outline a publication, and much more.

Due to the simplicity of its design, the uses for this tool are almost unlimited. And with the help of Lucidchart, you can now use it to brainstorm with your team anywhere, at any time.

Use the Bubble map template in Lucidchart

Customize our free Bubble map template to your use case by dragging and dropping various shapes from the Shape Library onto your Lucidchart document. You are not just limited to circles and ovals—search for different shape names using the magnifying glass in the top left corner to quickly construct your diagram.

To best utilize the Bubble map template in Lucidchart, integrate your most-used apps. This way, you can transfer data through tools like Salesforce and Google Docs and more easily communicate with your team across a variety of platforms, including Zoom and Slack. You can also link data to your Bubble map diagram so the material is presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

As you fill out the Bubble map template, you will be able to better brainstorm and visualize related concepts for use in future projects. To see some examples of diagrams and access Lucidchart resources, refer to the buttons in the tutorial box to the right of the document.

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