This ecomap template can help you:

  • Understand an individual's or family's ecology.
  • Understand the quality of relationships in the their life.
  • Get an idea of things like family dynamics and connections, social connections, community, etc.

Open this template and add content to customize this ecomap diagram to your use case.

Use this template
Ecomap example

What is the Ecomap template?

It’s your first time meeting with your new team. Your manager sets aside ten minutes of the standup to learn about each other, and everyone has about two minutes to come up with a fascinating fact about themselves in pursuit of team building. Will you all grow closer? Not likely. An ecomap could be a better choice.

Ecopmaps are used to learn more about someone visually. It’s a perfect solution to bad icebreakers. Ecomap templates are a valuable tool to get to know team members, co-workers, or classmates.

Benefits of using the Ecomap template

  • Understand an individual better: Dive deeper into understanding different factors that make them who they are, including family dynamics, social connections, and community.
  • Customizable based on your use case: The template is very easy to personalize and simple to understand. You can make it just what you want it to be.
  • Easily shareable: This option is great for remote or distributed teams, as it can live in the cloud indefinitely. It also works just as well for in-person teams.

How to use the Ecomap template in Lucidchart

  1. Study the template for an example of how it’s best used. Then, edit the template to make it yours.
  2. Add text to the circles by selecting them and typing to show relationships. To format shapes as you’d like, click on a circle and then click “Shape Options,” “Fill Color,” and “Line Color” on the properties bar at the top of the canvas so the diagram looks exactly how you’d like it to.
  3. Add text to a line to describe relationships by double-clicking the text or anywhere on the line and typing.
  4. To format lines, click on a line and use the properties bar at the top of the canvas to explore different options.
  5. Feel free to make the template as detailed as you’d like to describe different things about yourself, your relationships, your family, your friends, and more.

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