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Understand and improve your database design with our database diagram tool

  • database schema design tool

    Save hours of manual work when you import your database structure

    Whether you're designing a database for your company or working as a consultant, Lucidchart saves you hours of manual work so you can focus instead on optimizing your data structure. Import your database structure directly from your database management system into Lucidchart to quickly visualize your database as an entity-relationship diagram (ERD). Our database schema design tool supports today’s most popular DBMS platforms, such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

  • salesforce import tool

    Import your Salesforce schema for easy diagramming

    Our intuitive database diagram tool includes a Salesforce schema import feature to help Salesforce admins quickly visualize and make improvements to their Salesforce instance. While Schema Builder automatically implements the changes you make, Lucidchart’s Salesforce schema import tool gives you the freedom to import your current instance and experiment with possible changes before they’re finalized. Our software makes it easy to customize objects and relationships within your diagram and then collaborate freely with your team to confirm your proposed changes in Salesforce.

  • database export tool

    Export your database from Lucidchart to your DBMS of choice

    Once you’ve created, analyzed, or made improvements to your database diagram online, we make it easy to instantly implement your changes in your database. With a few clicks, Lucidchart lets you export your revised database diagram to SQL for an easy transition from your Lucidchart canvas to your DBMS. Automatically generate a create statement to optimize your database without wasting time making manual updates to your schema. 

  • database diagram tool

    Share your database diagram for fast feedback

    Lucidchart makes it easy to share your database design via email, a published link, or our dynamic integrations with today’s most popular platforms. Publish or share a live version of your ERD with your team or with clients to get instant feedback or approval on proposed changes. Keep your team in the loop and provide a reference for future improvements by inserting your diagrams into apps like Confluence, Jira, G Suite, or Microsoft Office.

How to use our database schema design tool

  1. Select the ERD shape library and import

    Use the ERD shape library to begin creating your database structure. Start from scratch or streamline the process by importing your schema from Salesforce or your DMBS of choice.

  2. Determine the entities from your database

    List out every step in your process from start to finish and arrange them in sequential order. Be sure to include inputs, outputs, individual roles needed, time durations, etc.

  3. Identify the relationships between your entities and add any necessary attributes

    Draw outlines and cardinalities between entities to indicate their relationships, then add necessary attributes associated with your entities.

  4. Arrange, format, and collaborate

    Once you've mapped your database, share it with others to get feedback on proposed changes and ensure it's correct. Rearrange and format shapes and lines as you see fit.

  5. Export your database design back to your DBMS of choice

    Export your database back into your DBMS using our export feature. Publish your diagram for others to easily reference using popular apps like Confluence, Jira, G Suite, Microsoft Office, and more.

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