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lucidchart floor plan software

Maximize your space’s potential with our floor plan maker

  • floor plan software

    Floor plan software for all projects and users

    Use Lucidchart to create professional to-scale floor plans for your biggest and smallest projects, regardless of your level of expertise. Our floor plan creator makes it easy to experiment and work through potential challenges within your unique space, whether you’re looking to explore various options for a home makeover or determine the most efficient traffic flow at an upcoming convention. Replicate your space down to the last indoor plant to ensure that your renovation or event comes together flawlessly.

  • floor plan maker

    Utilize shape libraries and floor plan templates

    Our easy-to-customize templates and extensive shape libraries make the process of reproducing and redesigning any type of space quick and simple. Choose floor plan templates for your home, office, event, reception, and even warehouse from our template gallery, and customize and scale them to your needs. Fill your floor plan with permanent fixtures like fireplaces and doors. Then add symbols for kitchen and bathroom appliances or room and office furniture to ensure that your space maintains optimal flow, circulation, and sight lines.

  • floor plan creator

    Guarantee accuracy with scale tools

    One of the biggest challenges when designing any floor plan is creating an accurate and proportionate representation of your space. Using the scale tool feature in our floor plan software, you can adjust your walls and shapes to reflect correct proportions, streamlining the interior design process. Once you’ve placed shapes within the space, use the measurement object to verify correct sizing, or include it alongside your floor plan as a reference point when presenting or printing.

  • floor plan presentation

    Collaborate and share

    With a variety of sharing options, the most up-to-date version of your floor plan can be shared to virtually any location. Collaborate with your interior decorator or event coordinator by distributing your floor plan via email or published link, or request input using convenient in-editor commenting and chatting features. When sharing and editing legacy diagrams across platforms, the import and export tools included with our online floor planner make it easy to migrate your floor plan to and from platforms like Visio or Gliffy.

  • online floor plan

    Convey your vision with presentation mode

    Switch from editing to presenting quickly using our in-editor presentation mode. Use presentation mode in our floor plan maker to capture even the smallest details of your floor plan during final run-throughs with your team or design meetings with your interior designer. Split your floor plan into separate slides so you can focus your audience’s attention on specific aspects of your blueprint. To make additional edits, simply switch back to your canvas in the Lucidchart editor.

How to draw a floor plan online


List your requirements

Determine the area to be drawn, and depending on whether you’re redesigning or building the space, create a list of features, wants, and needs to include in your floor plan.


Measure your space

Ensure that you accurately measure the dimensions of each room, as well as the dimensions of existing furniture and room features (fireplaces, doorways, windows, etc.).


Create a skeleton

Customize a template or start from scratch by dragging and dropping individual walls or rooms onto your canvas. Then scale and adjust as needed to ensure your floor plan is precisely to scale.


Include important components

Add furniture, technology, and appliances from our floor plan shape libraries. For more options, search for additional shapes, images, or icons in the toolbox search bar or upload your own images and scale them on the canvas.


Share your work

Have someone else look over your floor plan to double-check your design and get helpful feedback on possible changes.

Frequently asked questions about our floor plan creator

How can I make a floor plan in Lucidchart?

You can make a floor plan in Lucidchart from scratch using floor plan shapes or from one of our floor plan templates.

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Can I migrate my old floor plans from Visio to Lucidchart?

Yes! You can import and export floor plan diagrams using Visio, Gliffy, and other platforms. Select “Import” on the My Documents page to get started.

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Where can I find floor plan shapes in Lucidchart?

Simply press “M” in the Lucidchart editor to pull up the Shape Manager and search for the floor plan shape library. Search for additional shapes and images using the search feature in the toolbar.

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How can I change the scale and measurements of walls and other objects in my floor plan and make sure that my design is to scale?

Adjust the scale and measurements of your floor plan using the scale tool and the measurement object, which are automatically available after you’ve enabled the floor plan shape library.

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I want to freely draw my floor plan so that windows and other objects I drag onto the canvas don't automatically snap to the grid. How do I manage this?

If you haven't updated your default grid settings in the editor, your objects might automatically snap to the grid when placed on the canvas. You can change this setting by navigating to View > Grid and unchecking "Snap to Grid," allowing you to place objects wherever you desire.

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Design or recreate any space with our online floor planner

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