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A website mockup tool for fast and simple prototyping

  • Design mockups to visualize and improve your user flow

    Design mockups to visualize and improve your user flow

    Mockups are crucial for understanding the big picture as you draft your software or website. By creating mockup diagrams and evaluating your designs as you go, you and your collaborators can map out and assess user flow, evaluate designs before they’re implemented, and make educated decisions before investing valuable time and energy on a final design. Our mockup software makes it easy for designers to create multipurpose software and website mockups, no matter how simple or complex the design might be.

  • Create and collaborate with team members in real time

    Create and collaborate with team members in real time

    Our intuitive mockup tool features are perfect for quick, easy prototyping, whether you’re designing mockups alone or collaborating with others. Create, style, and connect objects throughout your mockup using drag-and-drop shapes, auto-prompt shape creation, and smart formatting features that help you design mockups as quickly as you can think. With real-time collaboration, you can work on the same mockup as your web developers, marketing managers, and other stakeholders to see revisions, leave notes, and get feedback on your UI mockup immediately.

  • Select templates and shapes for customized mockups

    Select templates and shapes for customized mockups

    Lucidchart’s template gallery and shape libraries house a wide range of templates and shapes to get you started on your design mockup or wireframe. Whether you’re working on a mobile app user flow or simplifying a homepage wireframe from your desktop, our mockup templates can easily get you started. Search our dedicated shape libraries for shapes like containers for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, as well as UI elements like buttons and menus—or import your own.

  • Present and share your work for universal understanding

    Present and share your work for universal understanding

    Our mockup creator lets you present and share your mockup with product managers, UX designers, web developers, and other stakeholders so they can visualize and understand your concepts and designs. Create an interactive presentation with hotspots and layers to easily demonstrate an app or software’s functionality once your designs have been implemented. Lucidchart also lets you export your mockup in a variety of file types, or you can insert your work directly into apps like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Jira, Slack, and more using our integrations.

How to make a mockup

  1. Open a new document or a mockup template

    Open a blank canvas to create your mockup online from scratch using drag-and-drop shapes or select a mockup template or wireframe from our template gallery to get started quickly.

  2. Open UI mockup and iOS mockup shape libraries

    Pro, Team, and Enterprise account users can open UI, iOS, and Android mockup shape libraries for a wide variety of shapes specific to UX/UI design.

  3. Add elements and import additional shapes/images as needed

    All users can import additional elements like custom images and additional shapes to better illustrate various elements within your mockup.

  4. Collaborate with others to finish your design

    Move your elements and images around as you see fit. When you're done, run through your mockup with your team to ensure the designed user flow works properly.

  5. Present and share

    Use presentation mode to display your mockup as slides so your audience can better understand your proposed design. You can also export your mockup into different formats or insert it into any of our integrated apps.

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