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p&id software

P&ID software built with engineers in mind

  • p&id software

    Visualize and understand your piping structures and processes

    Our streamlined P&ID software makes it easy for piping designers and electrical, mechanical, and process engineers to create accurate depictions of piping structures and other related components. This program has intuitive features like drag-and-drop shapes and smart formatting let you easily create a cohesive visual showing each relationship, instrument, control device, and process. With a P&ID diagram created in Lucidchart, you can provide your team with a universal understanding of your system for documentation purposes, discussion, repairs and replacements, and more.

  • piping design software

    Select and customize one of our engineering templates

    Not only does our template gallery house various P&ID diagram templates to get you started on your P&ID drawing, but Lucidchart also has more than 900 diagram templates to help engineers with all of their projects. Our gallery includes templates for network diagrams, UML and ER diagrams, circuit diagrams, and other diagrams commonly used for mapping processes and structures. Each template is completely customizable, letting you create the exact visuals you and your team need.

  • pipe designing software

    Standardize your piping diagrams with shapes and symbols

    Create a consistent way of communicating your processes using shapes that align with industry standards. Our piping design software includes engineering-specific shape libraries that house all of the symbols and shapes you need to create an accurate representation of any physical sequence, such as piping instruments, valves, heat exchangers, vessels, pumps, and more. With accurate shapes and diagrams, you can more easily maintain and modify your processes, control shutdown schemes, and keep track of basic operational details.

  • piping software

    Easily manage, update, and share your P&ID drawing

    No other pipe designing program offers the intuitive diagramming and formatting tools you need to create complex P&ID diagrams quickly and easily. No matter how intricate your process or system, Lucidchart can help you build, style, edit, and share your diagram as you please. Showcase your work with our presentation mode and create universal understanding amongst your collaborators, no matter their device, with in-editor chat, real-time updates, and integrations with today’s leading apps.

How to make P&ID drawings


Create an equipment checklist

List all equipment items involved in the process you’re drawing out. Include objects like piping, valves, instruments, vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, and more.


Select the process engineering shape library

Select the process engineering shape library to use symbols you’ll need for your P&ID drawing based on your equipment checklist.


Add and connect pipes and equipment

Add symbols to the canvas and connect them accordingly to accurately reflect the process you’re drawing.


Review with collaborators

Share your process with collaborators and walk through it to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.


Present and share

When your P&ID is complete, use presentation mode to share with stakeholders. You can also publish your diagram in any popular file type or use free Lucidchart integrations with popular apps.

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vessel p&id template

Pressurized Vessel P&ID Template

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