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Simplify complicated designs with server diagrams

  • Visualize complex designs for easier understanding and troubleshooting

    Visualize complex designs for easier understanding and troubleshooting

    A comprehensive server rack diagram can help you select the right size for your server, organize your equipment, pinpoint issues while troubleshooting, and prevent lost time and resources. With Lucidchart, you can easily design your system with components such as monitors, hard drives, power strips, etc. and clearly convey its intricacies to even less technical audiences. Our intuitive platform, industry-standard server symbols, and formatting features let you customize your rack diagram to suit your specific needs without hassle.

  • Store, collaborate, and share your rack diagrams

    Store, collaborate, and share your rack diagrams

    Use Lucidchart to create a central, secure repository to store and manage all your team’s server diagrams and structures. With tailored sharing permissions, you can control who has access to your diagrams, both internally and externally, and who can edit them. Leverage easy-to-use tools like in-editor chat, shape-specific comments, and @mention notifications to optimize collaboration. You can even embed your diagram in a Confluence wiki page or other collaborative platform for your team to reference. 

  • Import documents from other diagramming tools

    Import documents from other diagramming tools

    Lucidchart is built for intuitive design and collaboration, even for users working with other diagramming solutions. Whether you’re updating server racking diagrams created in Visio, or working with Visio users, our Visio import feature offers an effortless collaborative experience. In addition to supporting Visio files, users can also import diagrams from other diagramming platforms like Draw.io, OmniGraffle, and Gliffy. In a few clicks, you can import your documents directly into Lucidchart and continue editing and collaborating with our more intuitive editor, without having to start from scratch or lose previously created work from other tools.

  • Leverage integrations to add your diagrams in your favorite apps

    Leverage integrations to add your diagrams in your favorite apps

    Make your server rack design an easy-to-access reference for your team with our powerful integrations with today’s leading collaborative platforms. Seamlessly add and share your documents to the platforms your team already uses, such as Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and GitHub. With up-to-date versions of your diagram readily available for reference, you can onboard, troubleshoot, and collaborate quicker and easier. Your collaborators can also leverage a wide range of team platforms like G Suite or Microsoft Office to add visuals to any spreadsheet, word document, or presentation for easy sharing and additional context. 

  • Manage your entire server management lifecycle

    Manage your entire server management lifecycle

    Lucidchart’s all-encompassing diagramming solutions helps you easily visualize any stage of the server management lifecycle. In addition to building and customizing server diagrams, you can also use UML diagrams, data flow diagrams, network diagrams, and other visuals to streamline your server management processes or optimization. With powerful diagramming features and hundreds of customizable diagram templates, Lucidchart is the best rack diagram software, equipped with the tools to help your team design, analyze, and implement optimizations surrounding your server.

How to build a server rack

  1. Identify the size and needs of your server rack

    Determine the size and scale of your server rack, and then list all the hardware and equipment you need to have within your completed rack diagram.

  2. Select a template or open a shape library in a new document

    Select a template or open the server rack shape library from the Shape Manager, to use industry-standard equipment symbols within your server rack design.

  3. Build and arrange server rack shapes

    Create your rack within your canvas, scaling it to your desired size, and begin arranging equipment icons from the shape library. You can also search for or import additional shapes if needed.

  4. Test and adjust your server rack design

    When your design is complete, invite other collaborators to share their feedback and adjust and take action where it’s as needed.

  5. Finalize your design and publish

    Once your rack diagram is complete, share it as a link, download it as an image or PDF, or upload it to any of our integrated apps.

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