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A SWOT analysis creator for individuals, businesses, and students

  • Simplify strategic business planning with a SWOT analysis diagram

    Simplify strategic business planning with a SWOT analysis diagram

    A strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis, or SWOT analysis, is a simple but effective tool used to help organizations capitalize on their potential and remedy possible problems. An ideal brainstorming and strategic planning tool, a SWOT analysis diagram can provide your team with a visual understanding of multiple potential outcomes. With our SWOT analysis maker, you and your team can visualize and prioritize your strengths and opportunities and implement safeguards against possible internal and external threats.

  • Facilitate learning and growth in the classroom

    Facilitate learning and growth in the classroom

    A SWOT matrix can serve as a powerful model for self-reflection, academic improvement, and helpful feedback in the classroom. Our SWOT analysis generator lets students and teachers quickly and easily identify and understand individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as factors that might impede a learner’s progress. The simple construction and straightforward organization of a SWOT matrix also make it ideal for teaching students about basic analysis, current events, important characters in literature, and other elements of language arts.

  • Spend less time diagramming and more time analyzing

    Spend less time diagramming and more time analyzing

    A SWOT analysis chart is meant to be simple to make and use—and Lucidchart keeps it that way. Unlike other SWOT analysis tools, Lucidchart’s intuitive canvas allows users to focus on their analysis without wasting time trying to figure out a complicated interface or clunky formatting tools. Our drag-and-drop shapes and easy-to-format lines and text let you create simple yet effective SWOT analysis charts with absolutely no learning curve.

  • Collaborate in real time for better results

    Collaborate in real time for better results

    A SWOT analysis should be performed within a group to take advantage of diverse perspectives and stakes in the analysis. Lucidchart’s built-in real-time collaboration lets every user share their ideas on the same SWOT analysis chart at the same time, with changes updating automatically for other users to see instantly. With in-editor chat functionality, @mention comments, and simplified folder and document sharing, you and your collaborators can create thorough and effective SWOT analyses—anywhere, any time.

How to do a SWOT analysis

  1. Use a template or create a four-square matrix

    Select a SWOT analysis template from Lucidchart, or on a blank canvas, make a grid containing four large squares.

  2. Label the categories in each of the four quadrants

    Label each quadrant, with strengths in the top-left quadrant and weakness in the top-right quadrant. List opportunities in the bottom-left quadrant and threats in the bottom right.

  3. Fill out each category in no particular order

    List out external factors (opportunities and threats out of your control) and internal factors (strengths and weaknesses within your control) affecting the objective at hand in each quadrant.

  4. Finalize and prioritize

    Once you’re finished brainstorming, create a final, prioritized version of your SWOT analysis, listing the factors in each category in order of highest priority to lowest priority.

  5. Present and share

    Share identified and prioritized SWOT analysis results with your team to develop short-term and long-term strategies for your business.

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